The Wild Coast

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 Living in Port Edward which borders the former Transkei, now Eastern Cape and is better known to anglers as the Wild Coast has allowed me ready access to this fabulous, untamed anglers paradise


The memories I have of travelling the beaten tracks to get to unspoilt, breathtaking destinations in order to do battle with fish that dreams are made of will live with me forever. Having travelled extensively, fishing many an exotic destination, I have to admit that the Wild Coast still remains my favourite angling destination.

From places like Mnyameni and Mtentu in the south to Msikaba, Grosvenor and Mbotyi, then on down to the ever-famous Port St Johns, on to Coffee Bay, Hole in the Wall to Mpame and down to my best destination ever Mazeppa Bay

I have had my arms stretched by huge sharks, been bust up by musselcracker, caught kob bigger than me and pignose grunter that pulled me off my feet. In the many rivers that are found here, I have caught grunter, kob, river roman and kingfish to name but a few but still I havent even scratched the surface of the potential that this area holds.

Shore angling is possibly the most popular facet of angling practised in this area. Personally, I love the many deep-water points the Wild Coast has to offer the deep water, huge headlands and rocky points create an excellent platform to target triple-digit sharks and rays with realistic success. Throwing or sliding big live or dead bait with 200lb cable, 1.5 mm leader, your maximum tackle and your shortest, strongest rod and doing battle for hours on end is what keeps me coming back to the Transkei. Bronze whalers, blacktips, grey sharks, spinners, Zambezis (bull sharks) and many more can be targeted here.

My favourite deep-water points on the Wild Coast (from north to south) are:

  • Compon Point Port Grosvenor
  • Big Goss Point 
  • Luplatana
  • Mbotyi
  • Sharks Point
  • Port St Johns The Gap and 3rd Beach
  • Brazen Head
  • Umngazi 
  • Ntonga 
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Mbolompo Point 
  • Mpame and the island
  • Mazeppa Bay

When conditions are right, any one of these spots can provide the best big shark angling in the world.

Also renowned for some awesome edible angling from huge kob and big garrick and mighty pignose grunter to the reef fish like bronze bream, brusher, poenskop and rock cod and pelagics like the king mackerel, dorado and the mighty yellowtail can all be found here; the kob, garrick and yellowtail angling especially is at times unrivalled anywhere in South Africa.

My five favourite edible spots on the wild coast are:

  • Poenskop
  • Port St Johns lighthouse
  • Mbolompo Point
  • Mpame and the island
  • the Mazeppa channel

Added to the awesome shore angling, there are also some of the most pristine estuary systems that hold spotted grunter, kob, river roman, kingfish, perch and springer. These rivers are nursery areas, so catch-and-release is an ethic we encourage when fishing these rivers. Offshore angling for the mighty copper steenbras and black poenskop is also undertaken but should not be if you are inexperienced as these waters are not suitable for novices.

The Wild Coast is a gem that we should conserve for future generations.   


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Spinning for Kob
2013-12-09 14:05:39 Rusty (
DELETE Hi, Fantastic article. I have just started to target Mulloway (KOB) here in western australia and have been do a bit of writing on it for my website. I would like ver much to reproduce this article for my website with your permission. Please feel free to check it out at Best Regards Rusty
Estuary Fishing
2013-12-05 11:08:04 alex (
DELETE i read your article on estuaries ,im going fihing for first to northern kzn ,can you recommend a place to fish
Winter kob in the Eastern Cape on artificials
2013-10-04 06:57:57 Andrew (
DELETE Hallo guys,it's a real pity you never made the yellowish session with us on the kei river,been catching some awesome fish,anyway,when you say a freshly dipped paddle tail ,what are you dipping into?
2013-10-04 06:56:18 Andrew (
DELETE Hallo guys,it's a real pity you never made the yellowish session with us on the kei river,been catching some awesome fish,anyway,when you say a freshly dipped paddle tail ,what are you dipping into?
2014-11-09 11:49:15 Hardus Lategan (
DELETE I admire the Alcocks for what they taught me through videos and chats wrt dropshot and paddletails. I am busy selling all my conventional rods as I don't want to smell like sardines anymore. Hahahaha, Just keeping 2 for the crackers and other reefies. Thanks for the great article.
Dropping bait with kites
2012-12-08 15:56:58 Deon (
DELETE Where do I buy AFTCO release clips?
2013-06-09 15:35:28 Johan van Zyl (
DELETE I read your storie and was impressed with your sucess and i would like to try kite fishing myself. I would like to know more about what i need and where to find what i need in Gauteng. I hope you can help.
Popping for GTs from the shore
2012-12-14 11:42:39 Steve (
DELETE Hi, just loved the article. I will be at umshlanga (spelled wrong I know)in Jan 2013 and would love to catch one of the GT's. Could you please recommend a spot where I can try my "vaalie" luck. A few names of poppers or plastic baits for other species will be highly appreciated. Thanx and have a good one :)
Die nuwe hengelsak, en wat daarin behoort te wees
2013-12-20 08:17:10 monica (
DELETE Waar kan ek een van hierdie rugsakke koop in oort elizabeth? Andersins waar kan ek een bestel?
Springer on lure, bait and fly an adrenalin rush with fins.
2013-06-14 00:27:54 Glenn Adendorff (
DELETE I have been experimenting with lures in Durban bay for some time now. I have found the white X rap rapala to be the most successful. I had a giant take from a Kingie, but missed the strike,I ve caught a few pick handle Barracuda too. The most amazing pick up was recently by a springer in about 2 feet of water. This fish, tail walked and took line at a rapid rate.I was close to the yachts so i couldn't let it run, for fear of losing the fish.My adrenaline was pumping like a freight train.When i finally got it to the side, it tried to speed off again, and the lure shot out of its mouth and smashed me between the eyes. Luckily i did not get impaled by hooks. I must say even compared to larger game fish Iv'e caught, Springer will leave you with a craving, that will keep you hanging for more.
Paddle Ski Angling - Part 2
2014-01-30 21:56:47 marcel (
DELETE Hi, thanx a lot for all the info, im new at this so need all the help I can get. I just got myself a Tom Ski rather heavy so imquite nervous if il have enough speed through the surf. If you have any aadditional information don't hesitate to mail me! Il appreciate it regards marcel
Exposing South African Marlin - Part 2
2014-02-21 14:33:27 Jeroen (
DELETE Hi, Where can I buy the Fish on Lures online? thanks, Jeroen
2014-03-03 12:34:47 RSD (
DELETE Hi guys - for any info and assistance drop us an email to and we will assist. Thanks for following Rock Surf & Deep Magazine
Catching Kob with Spoon
2014-03-15 12:02:32 Ivan (
DELETE Hi. Great advise as i am starting to fish with spoons. lost my 1st one recently in the reef. i live in the KZN north coast area. i would really appraeciate it if you can advise me how to read the water when fishing with lures and spoons. thank you..
Shad (Elf)
2014-04-29 11:19:27 Keith (
DELETE thanks send ,ore pics on shad
2014-05-04 09:43:27 Nick Wilson (
DELETE Thanks for an awesome report, we are experienced anglers from Cape Town, Please can you suggest some good rock and surf spots in Moz, we will be fishing lures, plugs and drop shot. We have been saving for some time now so we have a good fishing war chest! Are you able to recommend a guid who knows the area as this will help us a lot. We will bea party of 4 to 6, who will be flying in. Many thanks Nick
Old men of the sea
2014-05-25 14:37:48 anonymous (
DELETE Just remember all it is highly illegal to target coppers at all as the stock is considered overfished to the point of collapse and they used to be targeted like this from Natal to False Bay but have pretty much disappeared.
The magnificent Legogo resort
2014-05-29 15:42:21 chantelle (
DELETE Hi Guys Can anyone assist me with contact details for Management of Ligogo Beach Resort? Planning a vacation in Mozambique. Will appreciate your speedy assistance....
2014-10-28 22:14:42 smokey187 (
DELETE hi, thanks for the great advice... i normally use drift line seems to work but still waiting for the "big fight" lol... will try this method...
The Wild Coast
2015-01-23 07:29:52 Graeme (
DELETE Hwonderfularticleandinfo.InoticethatyouyoumentionthatoneofyourfavouritefishingspotsisatMpameandtheisland.IhavenotfishedattheislandatMpameandIwouldappreciateitgreatlyifyouwouldadvisewheretheislandis.RegardsGraeme
Eeltail barbel
2015-02-22 20:35:17 Gareth (
DELETE just asking if the eel tail barble is poisonous like the normal barble or not??
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