Fishing with plugs - When one walks into ones local tackle shop today t


Catching Kob with Spoon - Tossing Tin The search for a lure-caught kob &nb

Popping for GTs from the shore - <HEADER> Popping for GTs from the sho

Throwing Spoon - I am an absolute sucker for any quality piece of f

Not just for bass! - Late November 2012 brought with it dead-flat water

Increased taxes The issue of sharks stealing fish from our lines - Over the last few years, there has been an increas

SHORE GAME FISHING PART1 - When I wrote the last article in RSD on the shore-

Shore game fishing PART 3 - The next items up for discussion in our series on


How to outsmart a wily fish - Chad Alcock perfects the art of catching grunter o

Springer on lure, bait and fly an adrenalin rush with fins. - Known as skipjack in Cape waters and ladyfish or t

Queenfish - Foto top: A beautiful queenfish caught on a poppe

Springer - Springer Acrobats of the estuary   This spe

Shad (Elf) -   Pomatomus saltatrix   Head and b

Fishing for Mussle Cracker - The day  the cracker  came  

Dean's top 3 species in Mozambique - Much has been written about fishing in Mozambique

Seven-gill or spotted cowshark (Notorynchus cepedianus) - Picture this: fishing with heavy tackle, big, b

Snoek on artificial lures - Last month we took a look at the more conventional

Dogtooth Tuna - Top dogs  of the tropics One species that

Smooth Hound Shark - These sharks are usually grey and some may have sc

Yellowtail fishing guide for dummies - DUMMIES’ GUIDE TO YELLOWTAIL FISHING In P

Catching the SPOTTED GRUNTER - The grunter has for a long while been a much sough

Winter kob in the Eastern Cape on artificials - Well, winter is coming fast and most fishermen sta

JACK OF ALL TRADES MASTER OF FUN - Like many fishing addicts, I am always stoked to h

GRUNTER ON CIRCLE HOOKS - Our family loves fishing for grunter and we have t

Bronze bream the bushbuck of the sea - The wild was calling again. I could feel the fiery

Garrick in Port Elizabeth - Garrick in Port Elizabeth   WORDS &

Going small to win BIG - A phrase you’re going to hear more often in

Just shaddup and fish! - Just shaddup and fish! As we move out of late s

Targeting the giant GT at Mahangate Lodge - By: Wesley Peens   We all know that a t

BRONZE BREAM - BRUIN HOTTENTOT - (Pachymetopon grande)   Also known as t

Kob - KOB (Argyrosomus hololepidotus)-Also known as kabe

THE GIANT GUITARFISH - Hunting the giant guitarfish During summer, the

Fishing Reunion - Reunion is a French island lying east of Madagasca

Mitsio Archipelago - Extreme Fishing -  WORDS & PICS: ARNO DAMES During July

Namibia - A brief guide for the angler visiting  Namibi

Magical Madagascar - Those who are avid RSD readers will already have b

Mozambique - Tropical Mozambique has become a hugely popular d

Seychelles - World-renowned as a top saltwater fly-fishing des

Breede River - This huge expanse of water is nursery ground and

The Wild Coast -  Living in Port Edward which borders the form

Tigerfish in Zambezi - The Zambezi is a huge river system approximately

Madagascar Madness... Part1 - So there we were, sitting in a coffee bar in Pr

Zambia Reef , Mozambique -  Zambia Reef I’m well aware of the f

Baobabs and Lemurs - Madagascar has been a destination that I have drea

The magnificent Legogo resort - The magnificent Legogo resort, consisting of

Wild Coast - Zambia  With access to both Lake Kariba an

Gabon A piscatorial and career dream come true - I am often quizzed about my choice of career, foll

1 - DIY Madagascar Part 2: Madagonia WORDS &

Scratching - Tips and tricks for reef fish in KwaZulu-Natal

A little piece of Angolan heaven - Flamingo Lodge is as good as it gets. By Steven Ph

Bait review - Shad (Elf) Head - WORDS: DEAN DICKINSON PICS: XXX Shad or elf is

Baiting Circles - Circle hooks have recently become more and more p

Sardine belly with squid teasers - Sardine is one of the most commonly used baits al

Black Squid -  I first used this bait in the mid-eighties

Going Sliding - My first recollections of slide fishing start back

Squid - The best all rounder - In my opinion squid is the single best all-round

Dropping bait with kites -  WORDS & PICS: CRAIG NELL   A few

Chokka jube jube - WORDS & PICS: DEAN DICKINSON   Squid i

Making and baiting a dingle dangle - With the banning of the slide and the need to clip

Octopus Leg - Since starting writing these bait articles, I have

Sand mackerel head slice - Bait Review April Sand mackerel head slice I

Sand mackey Part II - Bait Review July Sand mackey Part II A few m

Raggie bomb - Bait Review May Raggie bomb Mackerel are ver

Occy Leg - Bait Review February Occy Leg Since starting

Dingly-dangly chokka blob - Bait Review March  Dingly-dangly chokka bl

Aniseed-scented sand mussel - Bait Review June I used to live in Seaview when

Sardine Slush puppy - This is probably one of the most common bait types

Trimmed mullet - Apart from sardine, mullet is one of the most comm

Sardine & karenteen sandwich - Karenteen must be one of the single best bait type

Redbait / red crab cracker snack - These two bait types are among the best you can fi

Flapped, trimmed mullet teaser - This is fantastic bait for targeting sharks, espec

Garfish and squid Teaser - Garfish are not commonly used as bait as they are

Squid worm dingle dangle - Squid is a favourite bait for most species of fish

“Blood ‘n guts” The sardine teaser - This is a fantastic bait to use whenever you are b

Strap: Traces: Tips and tricks - The dingle-dangle Available from most tackle sh

Mud prawn (black cracker shrimp) - Upogebia Africana Unlike the sand prawn, the mu

Fishing Blind rivers or temporarily closed estuaries - Blind rivers, or temporarily closed estuaries are

Estuary Fishing - Planning your trip and finding the fish  

Late summer fishing in the East Coast estuaries - January is gone and with it, hopefully, the heat w

Transkei Estuaries - Fishing surface lures - WORDS & PICS: CRAIG THOMASSEN   On my

Perch, an estuarine specialist! - Perch is one of our true estuarine species. They a

A specatcular swimming-prawn season - The 2013 swimming prawn season in East London has

Targeting giant kingfish at Kosi Bay - Targeting giant kingfish at Kosi Bay  

The Squiddy - WORDS & PICS: ROB KYLE It’s not often

Happy hour at the bucktail bar - Part 1 WORDS & PICS: Craig Thomassen It

Happy hour at the bucktail bar Part 2: when, where and how - Using bucktail jigs in an estuary is very differen

More than a little unusual – the story of a strange garrick - As we got to the back end of November, I was getti

Memories made, lessons learned - Memories made, lessons learned After enviously

LEARNING CURVE - I was truly amazed at the sheer numbers of kingfis

Top Water Grunter - Head for grunter waters – with a Z Claw C

LEERIE OF THE YEAR - How one man’s serendipitous leerie catch can


Maiden voyage - Nick Pike puts his friend’s hand-built canoe

Targeting non-eds on ultra-light tackle - WORDS & PICS: GERHARD GUSE   As anglers

Grinder Style - Evolution is happening all around us at a rate of

The Spin Recipe - Spinning is growing in popularity so fast that it

-     Landing a decent-sized shark or ra

Flicking prawns - One of the major food sources for estuarine fish i

Red letter river days - Red letter river days   WORDS & PIC

Cape Town’s not-so-hidden jewel - When Cape Town comes to an angler’s mind, he


Spinning Stix - Are your weapons right for the job? The answer

DIY Madagascar - DIY Madagascar Part 1: the deep south  

Spin recipe - Spinning has grown so fast recently that it seems


Honda Marine Parks Programme - WWF Forum establishes a clear strategy for the fu

St Lucia Marine Reserve surf-zone fish monitoring and tagging project - The pickled spanners are loose   A look at

Barracuda - Crocodile Hunting on the lower South Coast E

Transkei - The people of this area are very poor and almostly

WINTER SCRATCHING - The art (and science) of light-tackle rock fishing

Exposing South African Marlin - Part 2 - Slant-head lures: top Gladiator, bottom Mold Craft

Jetski fishing: a technical look at lure fishing - So much has been written and said about the effect

GOING DEEP - Imagining what is down there, dreaming of what mon

BLUE RAY - Handle with care The blue ray, or skate as it i

DUMMIES’ GUIDE TO YELLOWTAIL FISHING - In Part 1 we discussed the basic types of fishing

My humble Stradic 4000 coffee grinder - How many times haven’t you looked at a piece

Hoe om vis te hanter - Met die fokus op die beskerming v

All colours of the rainbow - All colours of the rainbow Daniel Factor tackle

Saltwater fly-fishing: leaders and knots part 1 - Tips and suggestions to help you to pull on that o

CRAZY SKIPJACK TUNA FISHING - The brothers take advantage of the abundance along

Sharks - SO, YOU WANT TO CATCH SHARKS? When setting your

Greg Brown - 8 KG Raggie