Editors Note - August 2013 - 2013-07-25

Hi all and welcome to our August edition; this month, we celebrate women’s month with all our lady anglers. Over the past few years, I have noticed that more and more ladies – and girls, for that matter – are actively taking part in our sport. Manufacturers and retailers have taken heed and I see products appearing on the scene sp... more

Editors Note - April 2013 - 2013-05-14

We have received a lot of comment on our new ‘green approach’ of only publishing live fish where possible – although it is only a small step towards instilling an ethic of catch-and-release, we feel that this may be a stepping stone for further progress in this regard. I have of late been consulting on many planned and proposed an... more

Editor's Letter March - 2013-02-28

Editor’s letter Our versatile reef necessitates versatile equipment and a vast knowledge of the ocean and fish species that frequent each area and condition. Rock, Surf & Deep is the source of know-how and also what ‘knot’ to do in all aspects of fishing. We have taken a conscious decision to be more conservation-ac... more

Editor's February Letter - 2013-02-07

South Africa’s  hottest month is upon us and with it, comes an array of warm water species that help break a sweat and get the heart pumping. The controversial legislation protecting the copper steenbras (deleting it from the permitted species list and making it a prohibited species) was gazetted recently and has caused much debate, w... more

Editor's December Letter - 2012-12-31

Here we stand at the end of another year – wow, 2012 has flown by! Although possibly not the best year from an angling perspective, there were still some awesome catches recorded. Lots and lots of rain this spring has shown a change in cycles once again and perhaps next year we will get to see those fish that thrive when the rivers come down.... more

Editor's November letter - 2012-11-08

With summer now in full swing and the December holidays just around the corner, we are showcasing the awesome Wild Coast this month. For those who are fortunate enough to be making the trek to one of the many fishy destinations this area has to offer, we are doing no fewer than three feature articles on this area in our November issue. Varied i... more

Editor's October letter - 2012-11-08

We have been receiving interesting comments on the publishing of images of dead fish in the publication – while it is our policy to try and use fish that are photographed alive and returned to the water to fight another day, it is not always possible. Many of our readers do keep the odd fish for the pan and there is nothing wrong with this as ... more

Editor's September letter - 2012-11-08

Spring is officially upon us and, after a long lean winter here in KZN, I can only imagine how our readers down in the Cape are looking forward to the warmer conditions. Once again, the sardine run was a non-event – in fact, even more so than in previous years with only a small number of sardines even being netted. Although some are attributin... more