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Reunion is a French island lying east of Madagascar, about 200km southwest of Mauritius. It offers a variety of offshore game fishing for salt-water sportsmen.

Reunion is particularly well known for the large marlin that abound in the waters surrounding the small island. One catch of note is a ladies’ world record fish of 551kg that was taken from those fish-rich waters in 2003. Other species that can be caught in the area are sailfish, wahoo, dorado and tuna. Shark fishing and night fishing for broadbill swordfish are also available from Reunion Island charter boats. The Reunion Deep Sea Fishing Club has 34 FADs (fish aggregating devices) in the waters around the island, making it easier to locate concentrations of game fish.

One of the attractions of fishing around Reunion is the fact that the first fishing grounds are close in – no more than a ten-minute run from the marina. This is due to the fact that the island has no continental shelf and deep, productive water is available close inshore. Lines can therefore be set just after leaving the harbour. With good fishing available so close in, it makes Reunion one of the few destinations in the world where one can realistically do a half day charter and expect to catch billfish.

There are some world-class quality boats available to fish from in Reunion, with boats all being equipped under the French marine laws, which are some of the most stringent and safety-conscious in the world. Skippers and crews fish to International Game Fish Association (IGFA) standards. Charter boats are well equipped with the latest in deep-sea fishing equipment. These operations offer first class service in a world-class fishery.

The summer months are the best fishing season for this island, with marlin being particularly plentiful during the later summer months, from January to March. The winter months offer the opportunity to target some different species of game fish, including some species of tuna and dorado.