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Those who are avid RSD readers will already have been introduced to magical Madagascar, with a few recent features depicting this destination as the new kid on the block, so to speak, on the Indian Ocean destination calendar.

Not previously well known as an angling destination, its popularity is growing daily as pioneers return from trips with tales of huge numbers of fish of trophy size and species. This is an angling adventure one really needs to consider.

Whereas the eastern coast of Madagascar is prone to adverse conditions and fishing is restricted to lagoons, the northwestern coast, in stark contrast, is perfect for angling – warm waters, calm seas, huge bays with small uninhabited islands and rocky outcrops make for fishing paradise.

Huge populations of oversized sailfish, black marlin, king mackerel, dorado and yellowfin make up the normal angling lot; add to that some huge giant trevally and big numbers of big dogtooth tuna, and the game is on.

Jigging, popping, saltwater fly and conventional game fishing methods are all practised with great success here: Nosy Be, Morondava, the Radama Islands and lle Saint Marie are some of the well-known angling destinations.

Angling season runs from April through to November, with peak season June to November. Planning your trip within these times will maximise your chances of success.