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Tropical Mozambique has become a hugely popular destination for the South African angling tourist. In recent times, gaining entry to and travelling through this wonderful country has become far easier for South Africans, and not being enslaved to the mighty dollar also makes this destination affordable for all.


Mozambique boasts a huge fishy coastline from Ponta do Ouro in the north to Vilanculos in the south, and beyond there are a myriad lodges, hotels and charter operations to cater for all budgets and angling facet preferences.



Boasting world-class shore angling opportunities, Mozambique offers the serious shore angler and novice alike the chance to challenge pelagic fish such as trophy giant trevally, queen fish, king mackerel, prodigal son (cobia), barracuda and more. Reef dwellers like the super-strong emperor or speckled snapper and host of smaller kingfish species such as bluefin, greenspot and yellow-spotted kingfish can all be targeted when and if the sea gets rough.

For those wishing to do battle for hours on end, the long sandy beaches are home to some awesome sharks and rays such as the acrobatic blacktip, the back-breaking giant guitarfish and the widow-maker honeycomb ray, and then there are the rarer snaggletooth and lemon sharks that could come along and make your trip.


For shore angling my two best ‘must-have’ items would be good-quality chokka and 2.5” pearl or pearl watermelon dropshots.



Mozambique is best known for this facet of angling. The offshore grounds off Mozambique are renowned as an offshore angler’s Mecca.

Trawling lures over one of the many pinnacles and drop-offs can account for

an array of species, including king mackerel, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sailfish, dorado, cobia, bonito, marlin, kingfish and a host  of other species.

For trawling in Moz, my two ‘must-have’ lures are the Halco Laser Pro 160 DD, colour Purple Sardine and Halco Max, colours  red/gold and black/red.

When the going gets tough, fresh bait – live drifted or trawled – will almost always produce results. My two take-along baits for Mozambique would be sand mackerel or slimy mackerel and small-sized eastern little tuna or frigates.

For the jigging and popping enthusiast, Mozambique holds much in store and, with more and more pinnacles being discovered, the options along this huge coastline are opening up all the time. Catching the amberjack of a lifetime on jig is just one jig away. Breaking that 50lb trevally on popper is a distinct possibility and, if these aren’t enough, other species such as the wahoo, sailfish, yellow-spotted kingfish, king mackerel, bluefin kingfish, green jobfish, tropical yellowtail and a host of others will be waiting to latch onto your jig or popper.

My two take-along items for jigging would be the Green Mamba KingFisher Pro jig – 400gm, and the Bite Me Squid Jig in Glow.

My two take along lures for popping in Moz would be the new Halco Roosta, 160 colour Pink Pilchard and the DarkStar Ulua 150 stickbait, colour pink/purple.

There is also awesome fly-fishing, light tackle lure angling and even a few awesome estuary systems to keep you busy on bad weather days.

All in all, Mozambique is one of the best all-round angling destinations our continent has to offer