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World-renowned as a top saltwater fly-fishing destination, the Seychelles and its outer islands and atolls are a true angler’s paradise.In recent times, this area has been showcased with other facets of angling as well – jigging, popping, dropshot and even shore angling in the Seychelles have been shown on our local sports channels by more than one operation.



Stalking the timid bonefish in 20cm of water and stealth-casting to the elusive permit on the flats; challenging the might of the giant trevally that mauls your fly and almost rips the rod out of your hand as it heads for the dropoff to cut you off on the nearest structure; targeting the strongest and perhaps most difficult of all the milkfish – all these facets are possible on a single trip with the right guide! Then add to this the multitude of blue-water species such as sailfish, wahoo, dorado. All of these can be targeted with ease on fly in the Seychelles.



Many operations have ceased their efforts in the outer reaches due to spillover of pirate activities. However, there are safely run operations still operating to other secret and inaccessible spots that hold the type of fishing only dreams are made of.Watching Craig Tommo on the Neptune Warrior getting dogtooth, huge yellowfin, giant trevally, black kingfish, sailfish and many more makes the blood boil to one day do a trip here. The plugging and popping potential in the Seychelles is phenomenal and the chances of landing that dogtooth on jig or a huge  GT on popper are almost a given.



We had great success fishing at the St Josephs Atoll from the shore with plugs – not really recognised or commonly practised in this area. Poppers and spoons delivered huge blotchy rock cod and bonito. Barracuda and yellowfin tuna all fell to the lures at the right time. Big GTs were also available.For fun, we targeted the many sharks on the flats – landing lemon sharks and blacktip reef sharks on light tackle.

Seychelles is without doubt one of the top angling destinations in the world. Be sure to find a reputable guide and you will have the trip of a lifetime.