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 I first used this bait in the mid-eighties when it became popular amongst the Border anglers.


The Border boys used it extensively for kob, steenbras, eagle, duckbill and blue rays. The ink has loads of smell and attracts the fish onto the bait. Most of the ink washes off after the bait hits the water and the black colour shows up on the sand, giving the bait more of a visual appearance in the water.

I have used this bait often at Kasouga and had loads of success with spotted gullysharks, smoothhounds, kob and a variety of ray species. Used in combination with the squid guts for extra smell, this is one of the best squid baits to use. This is a squid bait that will definitely improve the results of your future fishing outings for those elusive kob, sharks and rays.


Step 1


Split the squid, remove the guts and set them aside on the bait box.


Step 2


Cut four to six thin strips of squid.


Step 3


Lightly smash the squid with your squid hammer.


Step 4



Then smash the ink sac and place it on the tenderised squid.


Step 5


Now smash the sac on the squid until it is completely black.

Step 6


Take the squid guts and smash it onto the squid for added smell.

Step 7



Place the strips, one by one, on your foam-coated hook – I use a 4/0 to 6/0 Daiichi.

Step 8


Keep working the strips around the foam.

Step 9



Eventually this will form a nice squid bait.