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Much has been written about fishing in Mozambique it is an awesome destination to target a myriad of game fish and shark species. Here are a few of my favourite species to target.



Without a doubt, the hardest-fighting fish one can come across. Targeted from the shore and off the boat, these bruisers are found along the entire Mozambique coast renowned spots like Hells Gate, Linene, Bazaruto and Rio Azul produce these fish with consistent regularity.


Peak summer is definitely the best time to target the giant kingfish. Although they readily eat live or dead bait, the best and most exciting way to tempt them is with surface lures stickbaits, cup-faced poppers and the good old GT ice cream get smashed by marauding kingies when they are on the feed. Once hooked, the giant kingfish puts up a mammoth struggle and one really needs to tackle up properly for these fish that love heading for the nearest structure to cut an angler off.



The new kid on the block so to speak, the amberjack burst onto the scene a few years ago with the advent of vertical jigging. With the banning of this form of angling in the Isimangiliso Wetland Park, vertical jiggers have had to look further north and have found these fish in great numbers and, at times, in huge sizes.


With some awesome offshore pinnacles and structure in the magical 70m to 100m mark and not too much current makes Moz an awesome deep jigging destination: fish of up to 50kg have been landed at places like Ponta do Ouro, Zavora and Linene and most fishy destinations will hold the magical structure.


All the angler has to do is put in the effort to find these spots, have the stamina to keep jigging and then pull that big one off the reef without it beating you. Big 300gm to 400gm jigs like the Benthos or KingFisher Pro jig in colour green or glow have produced the best bites for me adding an esca at these depths really increases the bite.



Mozambique is a sailfish Mecca from jet-ski to paddle ski to boat anglers, all have a good chance of targeting these fish at almost any launch site along the entire Mozambique coast. Traditional drift bait fishing with dead bait or small live bait like kerapu will tempt one of these acrobatic billfish to strike. Trawling Konas and softies or skipping a well-rigged half beak are top methods for trapping a sailie.


Add to this the chance to tempt one with a dropshot or better still a topwater and your chances of hooking one of these fish in Mozambique are really good.


Off islands like BD and Bazaruto, ballooning bait from the shore may well produce one of these fish for you in the near future.


And more

Although these are my three favourite fish to target, there are a host of other game fish waiting to grab your offering. The whole coast of this area teems with awesome species such as wahoo, yellow-spotted kingfish, queenfish, cobia, green jobfish and marlin, to mention just a few. Mozambique is a fishy destination with many lodges and amenities for enthusiastic anglers.