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With the banning of the slide and the need to clip and throw baits as far as possible, a few pro-active anglers came up with the dingle dangle - great to use with circle hooks, it not only allows one to clip and throw but also allows for free movement of the bait.

Depending on the size and type of bait you want to throw, you can vary the size of the dingle dangle you make. In this issue, you will see how to make a small to medium-sized dingle dangle - great for bigger edibles and smaller sharks and rays.

1.) You will need a piece of 1.6mm galavanised wire or No. 9 stainless steel American Fishing Wire with a loop tied on each end (one small, one big); a short piece of heatshrink to cover the small loop; a trimmed piece of foam to fit the wire; a small bass rattle and a small cable tie.

2.) Cover the small loop with the heatshrink and heat.

3.) Attach the foam to the wire with bait cotton and then attach the bass rattle to the foam with the cable tie (don't cut the cable off too short as this will act as a bait holder).

4.) Cover the foam with a half a small baby squid on one side.

5.) Add one side of a small mullet split down the middle, or a chop of redeye sardine gut for smell and flavour.

6.) Optional plastic eyes - or the chokka ink sack can also be used.

7.) Once completed, clip your hook through the heatshrink and your sinker on the other end - and throw a mile.