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With access to both Lake Kariba and the mighty Zambezi River from this country, one can target myriad species, such as the legendary and most-targeted tigerfish. Other species, such as the nembwe, chessa, nkupe, and Cornish jack can all be targeted here with success.

The Wild Coast

Having travelled extensively, fishing many an exotic destination, I have to admit that the Wild Coast still remains my favourite angling destination.

Shore angling is possibly the most popular facet of angling practised in this area. The many deep-water points the Wild Coast has to offer create an excellent platform to target triple-digit sharks and rays with realistic success. My favourite deep-water points on the Wild Coast (from north
to south) are:

Compon Point – Port Grosvenor

Big Goss Point 



Sharks Point

Port St Johns – The Gap and 3rd Beach

Brazen Head



Hole in the Wall,

Mbolompo Point 

Mpame and the island

Mazeppa Bay

This area is also renowned for some awesome edible angling. The kob, garrick and yellowtail angling especially is at times unrivalled anywhere in South Africa. My five favourite edible spots on the wild coast are:


Port St Johns lighthouse

Mbolompo point

Mpame and the island

Mazeppa channel

There are also some of the most pristine estuary systems that hold spotted grunter, kob, river roman, kingfish, perch and springer.

These rivers are nursery areas, so catch-and-release is an ethic we encourage when fishing these rivers.

The Wild Coast is a gem that we should all try to conserve for future generations.