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This is fantastic bait for targeting sharks, especially gullysharks, smooth-hounds, grey sharks, bronzies, hammerheads and ragged-tooth sharks, and will prove to be effective in the summer months when targeting most sharks, rays and toothy fish.

You will often get picked up by a kob or even bigger shad – and even garrick – when using this bait, due to the movement created by the current. Adding the float inside the head and pinning it with a toothpick helps keep the float in the bait, giving it a live action in the water. The split in the side fillet helps create a silver flash as the bait moves through the water, which attracts fish onto it. I often find using the bait in this way, rather than cottoning both fillets back onto the head, triggers a faster bite, as the flaps look more natural in the water.

I use a relatively long trace when fishing floating bait, as this allows the bait to present itself in mid-water away from the leader line and prevents your leader getting bitten off. Sharks tend to circle the bait when looking for it and will often swim open-mouthed into the leader line, biting you off halfway up the leader. Using a long sinker trace with a slightly shorter hook trace allows the bait to float well above and away from the leader.

Step 1

Start by scaling the mullet and slicing each fillet on either side of the bait fish. Then remove the centre bone.







Step 2

Slice a fair-sized piece of foam into a triangle shape to push into the head cavity. Using your bait knife, make a hole in the stomach cavity towards the head, then push the triangle of foam into the head of the mullet.







Step 3

Use a toothpick to hold the foam in place. Push the toothpick from the one side of the fillet through the mullet into the foam, making sure it goes all the way through and pinning it against the flesh on the other side. Then, using your bait scissors, cut the toothpick, leaving a small piece on the outside to prevent the foam from coming out of the bait when it gets picked up.







Step 4

Fold one of the fillets back onto the head and, using Ghost Cocoon, cotton the fillets back onto the head. Make sure to cotton the stomach cavity closed, sealing the foam into the bait. The blood and guts from the mullet add loads of extra smell to the bait to help attract a fish. Using a bait knife, split the loose fillet to create two teasers that will flash silver in the water and trigger a bite.







Step 5

Pin a 7/0 to 10/0 Ryoichi with 120lb
to 160lb nylon-coated wire through the lips, making sure to leave the hook standing proud to give you the best chance of setting the hook when the fish picks up the bait. When fishing for raggies, I use 1.5m of 160lb nylon-coated wire and 50cm of 160lb for bronzies, greys and hammerhead sharks.