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Garfish are not commonly used as bait as they are not easy to find and it’s not often you can walk into your local tackle store and get your hands on them for bait. I managed to find a few when I was collecting some fresh sardines. <BYLINE> By Dean Dickinson

Garfish sometimes end up in the nets as by-catch and even if you only find one or two, they make excellent bait for most predatory fish. Garfish are sometimes used deepsee for trawling for game fish. The flesh is nice and oily and the skin is exceptionally shiny, making them very good as an attractor onto the bait as it flashes through the water. Often putting different bait in the water when fishing in a crowd makes all the difference between you getting a bite and the other anglers not. It sets you apart from the rest of the anglers fishing next to you.


Step 1







Start by threading a hook into the head above the beak, then out again, keeping the hook proud in the bait fish. Using a sharp knife carefully remove the fillets.


Step 2







Place a fillet each side of the head and, using some Ghost cotton, tie the fillets onto the head of the garfish.


Step 3







Cut some thin strips of squid and cotton them alongside the strips – this will give a nice pulsing action in the water and attract fish onto the bait.