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The brothers take advantage of the abundance along the Port Elizabeth coast.

AUTUMN IS ONE OF the best times for fishing in Port Elizabeth, with the rivers cooking and deep sea fishing being excellent; and rock and surf being just as good. Lando and I decided that we would launch at Noordhoek to take advantage of the fantastic weather conditions we have been having. As we came down the hill, we could see the game fish chasing everywhere and we were so excited that we couldn’t wait to launch. As we drove nearer to Noordhoek, the mist came over thickly and we thought we were going to miss out on some fantastic fishing. About 15 minutes later, the sun burned through and just beyond the breakers we could see the fish going mad.

Within five minutes of launching, we were among huge shoals of skipjack tuna that were committing suicide trying to get to the slim spoons. Let me tell you something, if these little fish grew to the size of yellowfin tuna, I don’t think one would be able to land it. The tuna were between 4 and 6kg, and we were using a 9ft Signature Dave Alcock series rod, to be able to cast from further away so that we wouldn’t disturb the shoals.

The skippies were chasing tiny red-eye sardines in shoals of a few hundred. All I can say is, I thought I was fishing in Mozambique; every cast we landed in the shoal and retrieved fairly fast, we caught a fish. From 12pm until dark, we were into fish, and it was a day that neither my brother nor I will ever forget. Fortunately we had our film crew with us so they captured some amazing fishing on camera. We sent an email out that night so that other keen fishermen would be able to take advantage of the unbelievable fishing, which they did and there were many happy fishermen over the next few weeks. We are hoping that this will happen at the same time next year but will keep you all posted.

Yours in fishing,

Chad and Lando Alcock