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Durable, practical and lightweight, Railblaza’s C-TUG® trolley helps you transport your kayak, canoe or small boat (max 120kg) to the water with ease, enabling you to launch in places you’ve never dreamed of. Made of quality engineered polymers, the C-TUG® is great for all terrains, will last for many years and is:

built to last: it boasts corrosion-free construction;

easy to handle: puncture-free wheels with high-grip rubber tread;

easy to assemble: no tools, no stress;

easy to dismantle: in under 20 seconds;

fits inside most hatches: ready for your next destination;

quality assured: it carries a 5-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects;

spare parts are readily available.

For more information, contact Toby Day of Central Boating on

021 510 5822 or