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What if there was one tool that would not only simplify but also revolutionise the way you tie your tackle? All the way from Australia comes the Hook-Eze, the essential multi-function tool for all anglers that does exactly that. Invented by Scottish-born Aussie Ross Bain, the Hook-Eze not only covers hooks for travelling or while storing fully rigged rods, it is the fastest, safest and easiest way for anyone to tie their own rigs and tackle.

It is also suitable for tying a variety of speed clips for lure fishing. The built-in line cutter trims up to 50lb mono – and even heavier – braided line, so you can trim off that excess line and save your teeth or the need for another tool.

Hook-Eze is also excellent for tying on a variety of swivels, as the device stops the swivel from rotating when creating the twist during the knot-tying procedure, and simplifies tying line to line/leader. Hair rigs for carp fishing and even the difficult Bimini twist are simple with Hook-Eze.

And Hook-Eze can be used as a dehooking tool on fish up to approximately 3kg, so there is no need to touch the hook or the fish with your hands –  perfect for catch-and-release fishing.

At the end of the day, you can safely store your hook inside the device and the ring attaches to the runner of the rod, so no more torn upholstery in the boat, car or caravan and no injuries to passengers or pets. It’s a must-have for anyone suffering from arthritis or other disabilities of the hands, and is great for tying tackle with cold, numb fingers in the cooler months. 

For more information, contact The KingFisher on 031 368 3903.