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This month’s scoop on the best technology and products on the market.


Penn Conflict Spinning Reel

The Conflict’s striking cosmetics, durable design, and silky smooth drag are a few of the reasons why so many anglers fish with this reel. The Conflict’s full-metal body construction allows it to maintain precision gear alignment under severe punishment while its Techno-Balanced<GLPH>™ rotor ensures a smooth retrieve. From tuna to grunter, the Conflict was designed to perform and engineered to last.

For more information, contact Morn<GLYPH>é Strydom of Pure Fishing SA on 011 023 5100.



Berkley Trilene braid

This tournament level superline features an 8-carrier radial construction that stays round and casts further with no ‘buzz’ through the guides when casting. Manufactured from the highest grade Dyneema<GLYPH>® with a special coating technology that ensures colour fastness for 51% longer than that competitors; this is the strongest Berkley braid ever made.

For more information, contact Morné Strydom of Pure Fishing SA on 011 023 5100.



Daiwa D-Shock combos


Daiwa have just released their new D-shock combos. This great range of Daiwa rod-and-reel combos features a three-ball-bearing spinning reel and a fibreglass rod. There are four combos in the range: a 5’ 6” light, a 6’ medium light, a 6’ 6” medium and a 7’ medium, so there is a rod for any light tackle enthusiast. These are great beginner combos but, with the Daiwa backing, offer great value for what you are paying. The high-quality fibreglass rod is a 2-piece with a heavy duty screw winch fitting and tough aluminium oxide guides. The reel has a Digigear digital gear design and comes with an ABS machined aluminium spool and Twist Buster line twist reduction. Priced at under R350.00 for the 7’ combo, these are great value for money.

Available from leading fishing tackle stores countrywide or at The KingFisher on 031 368 3903.


Mako Eyewear Immortal

The new Immortal is a large-lensed blue-mirror-glass model tailored for the harsh light levels experienced in surf fishing and, especially, deep-sea fishing. With a fully wrap-around frame to cut out sun from the sides and hinges moulded into the frame for extra durability, these are fantastic salt-water polorized sunglasses.

This model has Mako’s patented HD technology, cutting out distorting light to enhance clarity. The lens being glass, with over 12 anti-reflective coatings, a hydrophobic outer coating and polarization, it is one of the best lenses produced in the world. And Mako has introduced infrared technology; this reduces the heat transferred through the lens and into your eyes, keeping your eyes comfortable throughout the day.

For more information, contact Lloyd Pereira of Must Fish on 083 453 8335 or



Big catch floatEyes





FloatEyes was the innovator of the floating eyewear retainer in 1985, and continues to produce the highest quality in floating outdoor accessories. The driving force behind floatEyes has always been to suit the needs of active lifestyles with practical and innovative solutions. For over 25 years, floatEyes continues to be the leader in floating watersport accessories manufactured in the United States. Whether at the beach, on the water or in the blind, floatEyes makes a product that is a perfect fit for anyone. Their mission remains strong: to produce the highest quality in outdoor leisure accessories and to add comfort, security, and convenience to people’s lives. It only takes losing something valuable in the water once to convince you to invest in a pair of floatEyes.

For more information, contact Nikki Wedermann of Big Catch on 021 511 1914 or reception@bigcatch.co.za.



Asari Shooter metal jig

The Shooter metal jig is available in 40g, 60g and 80g. When dropped in the water, the jig flutters and rocks from side to side and the bright finish flashes while it falls, making it look like an incapacitated bait fish as it drifts toward the bottom.

The Shooter is available in three eye-catching colours, all with a VMC treble hook. Ask for it by name at your local retailer.



The Garmin VIRB

Garmin announces its first high-definition action camera series, the VIRB. The VIRB series comprises two compact, waterproof, easy-to-use HD 1080p action cameras – the VIRB and the VIRB Elite. With outstanding features and functionality, the VIRB combines a unique feature set that makes it easier than ever to capture life’s memories, whether its action sports or family getaways. The VIRB features a rugged and waterproof (IPX-7) housing, so there is no extra case necessary to withstand the elements. The unique 1.4-inch Chroma<GLYPH> colour display makes setup and playback a breeze and uses minimal power so the VIRB can record more than three hours of true HD (1080p) video on one charge. On-board video enhancement features such as digital image stabilisation and lens distortion correction ensure that footage recorded with the VIRB will look professional, even before editing. The VIRB can also capture high-quality still photos, while the video camera is recording. The VIRB Elite incorporates all these features, plus built-in WiFi, data sensors and a high-sensitivity GPS. Both the VIRB and the VIRB Elite feature ANT+ connectivity for remote control functionality with other Garmin products, and the VIRB Elite will support data transfer with other fitness sensors on top.

For more information, contact Michelle Hohls of Garmin on 011 251 9964 or 072 247 3447.



Maria Duplex casting lures

The Maria Duplex range of casting crank baits is manufactured by Maria in Japan and offers unbelievable colours in two weights: the 18g, with a total length of 65mm and the 31g, with a total length of 80mm.

The Duplex offers the best of both worlds – it is short and compact, offering little or no wind resistance so allowing you to cast great distances. This perfectly balanced Japanese-manufactured product has an incredible action. Available from leading tackle stores nationwide.

For more informaiton, contact The KingFisher on 031 368 3903.




The original Japanese-made DECOY JS-1 inline single hooks are now available in sizes 1/0 through to 8/0. The smaller sizes are often used to replace the hooks on lures like Onde Ondas, Laser Pro 120 and Sorcerer 90, whereas the larger-sized inline singles are ideal for stickbaits, Roosta poppers and jigs, as well as most trolling lures.
Included in the Decoy range are the new heavy-duty split rings, available in sizes:  #8 (150lb), #9 (200lb), #10 (250lb), #11 (300lb). These split rings are
perfectly matched to the inline singles 4/0, 6/0, 7/0 and 8/0 respectively, but are also very effective on most other hooks.
To suit the light tackle enthusiast, Decoy has a range of plugging singles. These inline single hooks, available in sizes 1/0, #1, #2 and #4,  are ideal for replacing treble hooks on smaller lures, including bass lures. 
For more information, contact Cobus Van Biljon or Brandon Zeeman of C1-D2 Tackle Traders (Halco) on 013 744 0196 or info@tackletraders.co.za.