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Stealth saltwater pliers

Stealth Fly Rod’s new Stealth 7.5” saltwater pliers have a lightweight aluminium frame, anodised in a silver-grey colour, with hardened jaws and a super-sharp tungsten cutter mounted on the outside edge. The jaws are stainless steel, and both the jaws  and the cutter are attached to the frame with stainless steel Alan screws, making these parts conveniently replaceable.

Also spring-loaded, making them immediately ready for use, these handy pliers are perfect for a range of fly-fishing applications and come complete with black Cardura pouch, belt loop and lanyard.

For more information, contact Gareth Adams of Stealth Fly Rod (Pty) Ltd on 011 791 2635 or gadams@stealth.co.za.



Garmin’s new Monterra

The first Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor handheld.

Access the Google Play Store and download apps.

Listen to music with headphones or through the built-in speaker and FM radio.

It maintains signal even in heavy cover and deep rifts with its high-sensitivity, dual-band GPS and GLONASS receiver.

Get a built-in 3-axis compass with accelerometer and gyro.

It has a barometric altimeter to pinpoint precise altitude.

It even has a built-in UV sensor so you can monitor the intensity of the sun.

You can get an 8-megapixel autofocus digital camera that takes vivid, geo-tagged photos, plus a 1080p HD video camera with LED flash.

For more information, contact Michelle Hohls of Garmin Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd on 011 251 9999 or michelle.hohls@garmin.com.



New, improved Berkley FireLine

Thermally-fused FireLine changed fishing forever. Now Berkley is launching the next generation of FireLine.


  • now smoother than ever – straight out of the package
  • unmatched castability, making it the leader in Superlines today
  • tougher than ever, with more colourfastness and less wear. This means higher abrasion resistance and incredible sensitivity
  • an even higher strength-to-diameter ratio
  • available in Smoke, Crystal and high-vis Orange
  • 125yd and 300yd spools are available, with an assortment of sizes: 4.4kg–23.5kg

For more information, contact your nearest retailer or phone Pure Fishing on 011 023 5100.

www.purefishing.co.za Pure Fishing South Africa


Sunroad barometer watch

The FR802A sports watch is designed specifically for outdoor and travel fans.


  • altimeter (12-hour altitude trend chart and climb rate)
  • barometer (24-hour air pressure trend chart)
  • digital compass
  • pedometer (step counter, calorie counter, distance record)
  • world time
  • weather forecast
  • countdown timer
  • stopwatch (11 sets of data)
  • time and date
  • alarm clock (regular and hourly)
  • button tone, on or off
  • battery life reminder
  • EL backlight
  • one-year guarantee

For more information, contact Shaun Murphy of Mad Mullet Fishing Tackle on 083 453 8086 or madmullet@vodamail.co.za.



Prins Plugs

Prins Plugs are the newest plugs available in Cape Town and the Eastern Cape and will soon be distributed in KwaZulu-Natal.

Usually, white chisel-nosed plugs are used. However, the pink chisel-nosed plug has shown great success – the bright pink colours seem to work much better than the other colours. The current fishing trend is for pink for yellowtail, be it trolled diving lures or squids

For more information, contact Claude Prins of Prins Plugs on 078 201 3812 or prinsplugs@gmail.com.


SpanYid Lures at Big Catch


SpanYid Lures, an Australian product, are new to South Africa. Big Catch stocks a range of SpanYid Lures – Raider, Raider HP, Maniac, Blade, Thunder Flash, Bite It and Strike It lures. These lures have a wide range of different actions that can be used at different depths, for different forms of fishing – spinning, trolling and jigging.

Each type of lure comes in a variety of colours and sizes to help best match the lure to the bait fish in the area, and either with or without a fly skirt, attached for each angler’s preference.

For more information, contact Nikki Wedermann at Big Catch on 021 511 1914 or reception@bigcatch.co.za.




The ADRENALIN range of waders is not only very durable, but also extremely comfortable to wear. ADRENALIN products usually offer quality at the right price – and the range of waders is no different. Available in shoe sizes 7 all the way up to 12, they cater for all anglers, big and small.

For more information, contact Gerhard Terblanche of ADRENALIN Outdoors on 021 982 1510 or catches@4adrenalin.co.za.




Composite development blanks

The new CD Graphcast range and Terminator popping blanks are now available in South Africa.

The Graphcast 1 – Graphcast 5 is the ideal spinning or casting blank that can be custom-built to your personal preference. Sizes: Graphcast 1: 8’6’’, Graphcast 2–5: 9’6’’

The Terminator series is available in three models – 80lb, 50lb and 30lb. With a soft tip, this blank allows the angler to cast poppers a mile, while not sacrificing any backbone.
All models are 8’ in size.

For more information, contact Brandon Zeeman of C1 D2 Tackle Traders on 013 744 0196 or info@tackletraders.co.za.


 Halco South Africa


KingFisher Poseidon telescopic rods

Designed with backbone and a crisp recovery, these rods are suited for lure and bait fishing. They have excellent aluminium guides, a high-quality aluminium reel seat and an extendable butt. There are five models to choose from: 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.5m and – just added – 2.75m and 3.0m. The 1.8m rod collapses to just 360mm and the top of the range – the 3.0m – collapses to 410mm. At under R500, these rods represent outstanding value for your money.

Available at The KingFisher, 53 Hunter Street, in Durban or at most leading tackle stores countrywide.

For more information, contact The KingFisher on 031 368 3903 or kingfish@iafrica.com.