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This month’s scoop on the best technology and products on the market.


Super-strong Katana Braid

The new Jigstar Katana 8 Carrier Braid Super PE 100% has been designed for specialist vertical jigging. The fibre is made by Nippon Dyneema Co, the manufacturing process uses micro pitch braiding technology, and it is finished with a hyper-advanced coating process – the end result is a high-quality, thin-diameter, exceptionally strong product. It provides excellent knot strength with minimum guide friction and superb abrasion resistance. Katana Braid is colour-coded at 10m intervals. Spools are available in 300m, 500m and 1 000m lengths.

Jigstar Katana Super PE Braid specifications:

PE2 - 0.2mm diameter, 39.6lb Test

PE4 - 0.32mm diameter, 66.0lb Test

PE6 - 0.41mm diameter, 76.6lb Test

PE8 - 0.43mm diameter, 100.3lb Test

PE10 - 0.50mm diameter, 137.3lb Test

For more information, contact Linda Lillis of Jigstar Africa on 012 991 7300.



Bamba gets an upgrade

Fluid has upgraded the Bamba, one of South Africa’s favourite fishing kayaks. The modifications have made it 4kg lighter, with double the in-hull storage space and a peaked deck for improved resurfacing during surf launches. Non-slip foam has been added to ensure effortless casting when standing up, while three rod holders and an extensive range of features make it the go-to kayak for the serious angler. The size of the central hatch opening ensures that all of your equipment, catches and even trolling motor batteries can be stowed inside the hull.

For more information, contact Fluid Kayaks on 056 817 2951 or email sales@fluidkayaks.co.za.




New-generation surf reel

The Alcedo Surfer LXS is a new-generation surf reel that’s not only light, but also very powerful. The inner mechanisms are supported by eight stainless steel bearings, including three sealed ball bearings and one roller bearing. The Alcedo Surfer LXS is the perfect size to use on a 13ft or 14ft surf rod.


• Aluminium/titanium cold forged spool

• Worm gear oscillation system for a perfect line lay

• High-power gears

• Pure aluminium, deep anodised handle arm

• Stainless steel bail wire

• Line capacity: 0.30mm/700m

For more information, contact Gerhard Terblanche of Adrenalin Outdoors on 021 982 1510 or catches@4adrenalin.co.za.




Bold new Climate Control sunglasses

Wiley X® has expanded its popular Climate Control™ range of sunglasses with the addition of two bold new models for 2014. The WX Arrow provides a combination of clear vision, comfort and vision protection that makes them ideal for a wide range of applications. The Arrow features Wiley X’s patented, removable, soft-foam Facial Cavity™ seal that blocks wind, dust and peripheral light, which enhances vision over a wide range of conditions, while providing a comfortable, climate-controlled environment for eyes.

For more information, contact Derek Swarton on 082 491 5865.



Sinking Slider 12 from Salmo

The new Sinking Slider 12cm is the latest offering from Salmo, a big family of lures designed for large predators. Left and right, left and right is the Slider’s sinuous dance while the lure glides its way to the depths – throwing ‘the flash’ effect great distances. Equipped with a wire-through system, heavy-duty split rings and a 3X VMC treble, the durable Sinking Slider should have a home in every stickbait angler’s box of tricks.

For more information, contact Goya Trading on 031 5691780 or



Halco’s all-new colour

Halco’s new colour is 1181, chartreuse green on top of the lure, with chartreuse green scales. The underside of the lure is finished with chrome.

Available in the following models:

• Halco Laser Pro 160DD

• Laser Pro 120DD


• Roosta Popper 135§

For more information, contact Brandon Zeeman of C1 D2 Tackle Traders on
013 744 0196, or info@tackletraders.co.za.


www.facebook.com/Halco South Africa


Lowrance HDI units in stock

Lowrance SA has the complete range of Elite HDI and Mark-4 HDI units in stock – great for all boats, as well as jetskis and paddleskis. These affordable, top-performing units feature a built-in GPS antenna, high-definition mapping options and Lowrance’s exclusive Hybrid Dual Imaging technology. HDI combines Broadband SounderTM for marking fish arches and tracking lure action, and Downscan Imaging, providing easy-to-understand, picture-like views of structure and bottom detail. All new Elite units now come standard with an Afrikaans-language option (updated software will bring your unit up to speed).

For more information, contact Lowrance SA on
031 368 6649.


Big Catch oilskins and waders

Big Catch oilskins are made of a combination of PVC and polyester material. They are 100% water and windproof. The material is treated to prevent stiffness or cracking under cold temperatures. It is resistant to seawater, the effects of sunlight, animal and vegetable fats, grease, fish and motor oils. As many seams as possible have been removed, to prevent ripping and tearing; where there is a seam, it is doubled over and heat-welded, keeping it waterproof. The material in the groin has been doubled up to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. The jacket has two pockets. There are no zips, so there is no metal in any part of the suit, avoiding any rust damage. They come in sizes from small to 5XL. The waders are made of a nylon cloth-and-PVC combination material. The boots are made of heavy-grade PVC. All seaming is heat-welded. Shoe sizes range from 5 to 13.

For more information, contact Big Catch on
021 511 1914 or email reception@bigcatch.co.za.




MAKO eyewear: very Sleek

The Sleek’s smooth-style, wraparound frame makes it both sharp-looking and practical. The frames are made from super-tough nylon material; they have vents in the side to allow them to breathe and to prevent the lens from misting up. The lenses are manufactured with scratch-resistant glass and have over 12 layers of anti-reflective coatings. The Sleek is available in both an amber photochromic and blue mirror lens; the amber lens is recommended for freshwater and estuaries, while the blue mirror lens is suitable for high light levels,
such as deep sea.

For more information, contact Lloyd Pereira on 083 453 8335 or


Reel spooler is the Bee’s Knees

Jigstar Africa is the southern African distributor for Busted Fishing Australia’s Bee’s Knees Reel Spooler. This line-to-reel spooler is manufactured to the highest quality, with CNC-machined solid aluminium and stainless steel. Incorporated are two ball bearings and a 40mm Carbontex drag washer, which is coated with Cal's drag grease, producing upwards of 15kg of drag on a 100mm spool. The unit can either be fixed permanently or used as a portable line spooler. Additional accessories include a base plate and a boat plate. It accommodates small spools of mono-filament line, through all levels of braid right up to large bulk spools of
game-fishing line.

For more information, contact Linda Lillis of Jigstar Africa on 012 991 7300.