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1.Prins plastic plugs

Prins Plugs has developed an exciting array of plastic plugs. The specific blend of synthetic materials is showing positive results; they run well and have an excellent swimming action. Used to target gamefish such as kingfish, skipjack tuna, king mackerel, garrick, dorado, bass and many more, they’re a must-have in your tackle collection.

Agents/stockists in Cape Town:

Sea Port Supply, Paarden Eiland, 021 510 6262

Great White Sport & Surf, Fish Hoek, 021 782 3360

Fishing Specialist, Goodwood, 021 591 4240

Somerset Sports, Somerset Mall, 021 851 4658

For more information, contact Claude Prins on 078 201 3812/021 705 7764 or prinsplugs@gmail.com.



2. Big Catch fishing tackle box

The Big Catch A-Frame Fishing Tackle Box is designed for rock and surf anglers, making it easier for fishermen to transport their tackle when walking down the beach. The Deluxe frame has three easy-drained PVC pockets – two smaller ones for each side and one bigger pocket on the front – and two removable wooden trays inside the box. Heavy-duty shoulder and waist-belt straps are attached to the frame; the waist-belt strap has extra padding for comfort. There is also a rod-holder attached to one side of the frame. The straps and the single rod-holder come standard with both the Standard and Deluxe models.

For more information, contact Big Catch on 021 511 1914 or reception@bigcatch.co.za.


3. Alcedo Black Surf 12000

The Alcedo Black Surf 12000 has eight SS ball bearings, powerful gears and a big, long-casting spool which makes it perfect for surf fishing. It features:

Eight SS bearings, including one roller bearing
Cold-forged aluminum/titanium spool plus an extra titanium-coated graphite spare spool
Shock-resistant thick bail arm
Infinite anti-reverse supported by a roller bearing
Titanium-coated twist-free roller
Line capacity: 0.30mm/620m, 0.35mm/490m

For more information, contact Gerhard Terblanche on 021 982 1510 or catches@4adrenalin.co.za.


4. Berkley Maxx monofilament

After two years of development, Berkley has launched its Trilene Maxx monofilament, designed specifically for South African conditions. Maxx currently has the strongest strength-to-diameter rating in the market and comes in sizes 5lb (0.16mm) up to 45lb (0.50mm). Special formulas give the Maxx line unmatched abrasion resistance for strength and dependability, superior strength-to-diameter so the angler can fish with confidence and control, and a super-low-memory formula for superior casting and trouble-free performance. The outstanding knot strength allows for strong and durable holding power, and is very sensitive for good feel for structure and strikes. In addition, the Berkley Maxx is said to be the smoothest casting line available and resists kinks and twists, making it a superb line for both multiplier and spinning reels.

For more information, contact Pure Fishing on 0861 527 336.



5. Decoy JS-1 inline single hooks

The original Japanese-made Decoy JS-1 inline single hooks are back in stock – available in sizes 1/0 through to 8/0. The smaller sizes are often used to replace the hooks on lures such as Onda Ondas, Laser Pro 120 and Sorcerer 90, whereas the bigger-size inline singles are ideal for stick baits, Roosta poppers, jigs, as well as most trolling lures.



6. New Wade Albula reel

The Wade Albula is purposefully designed to stop the biggest and most demanding bonefish in the Indian Ocean. Wading the flats and stalking big fish in ankle-deep water is a unique and demanding challenge. So when the tide is falling and the ‘fatties’ have their tails in the air, you need to be on form. Tread softly, make pinpoint-accurate casts and present the fly delicately. When the shots are few and far between, an Albula reel won’t let you down.

For more information, contact Gareth Adams of Stealth Fly Rod (Pty) Ltd on 011 791 2635 or gadams@stealth.co.za.



7. Small lever-drag reel

Release Reels is a new company with a design philosophy of zero compromise, and this philosophy shows. Its first reel is a small lever-drag reel with the speed to outcast anything on the market, and the power to pull huge loads, beyond what most anglers will ever need. Its features:

CNC machined from solid, high-strength aluminium billet
Type 2, hard-anodised finish
All fasteners 7075 aluminium
Shafts and gears in 316 grade annealed stainless steel
Eight Boca bearings; spool bearings ABEC-5 ceramic; all others ABEC-5 SS bearings
Anti-reverse system bearing with mechanical back-up system
Smooth lever-drag, with 10-point indented lever control
Carbontex woven carbon drag washer
Stainless steel thrust plates
Solid, high-strength aluminium magnum handle

The SG model offers a 6:1 retrieve ratio, 30lb drag, 450m of 0.45mm nylon and weighs 320g.

The product is distributed exclusively by Excalibur Tackle. Specialised retail outlets are being sought.

For more information, contact Jeri Drake, Namibia, on 00 264 (0) 811 286 496 or 00 264 (0) 64 501 959 (office), or sue@excalibur-tackle.com.



8. SonarHub with Chirp technology

Lowrance’s new SonarHub module is now available from dealers countrywide. The compact sounder module allows for Chirp technology, StructureScan HD with DownScan imaging, as well as the new Lowrance SpotlightScan bow-mounted solution for HDS Gen2 models. The Chirp sonar is compatible with Airmar TM150M or B150M Chirp transducers, and delivers extremely efficient pulse generation for improved target resolution and noise rejection, as well as wide coverage for perfect arches that clearly identify fish targets. Three built-in Ethernet ports allow for quick and convenient networking, without the need for an extra Ethernet networking module.

For more information, contact 031 368 6649 or your nearest dealer.


9. Asari HD Split Ring Pliers

The Asari HD Split Ring Pliers with braid line cutters is made from #6061 high-grade anodised aluminium alloy, which allows for greater saltwater resistance. It also has a replaceable tungsten carbide cutter for superior sharpness. The split ring pliers are designed especially for wide-gap and heavy-duty split rings.

For more information, contact 021 948 8150.



10. Mustad T81 fish skin bait jig

The Mustad fish skin bait jig has a live glow transparent quality which bait fish can’t resist. Available in size 4 and 6 with 15lb snooding.

For more information, contact Lloyd Pereira on 083 453 8335 or lloyd@mustfish.co.za.