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The Black Hole Magic Eye range of ultra-light and light popping rods has been designed for the discerning angler who requires unmatched performance with excellent casting capabilities and serious backbone. The power of these light rods has made them firm favourites with leading light-tackle anglers internationally. These are ideal rods for targeting yellowtail in the Cape, and have already boated many gamefish in the 15kg class.
 *FUJI SIC Guides (with K-Guide system for tangle-free)
*EVA handle grip


Length: 8.04'
Piece: 2 Piece, butt joint
Weight: 371g
Lure range: 70-110g
Max lure: 130g
Tip diameter: 2.7mm
Butt diameter: 18.5mm

For more information, contact Linda Lillis of Jigstar Africa on 012 991 7300.