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Dynabait offers anglers a unique opportunity to always have bait at their disposal, because it doesn’t need to be chilled or frozen. It can be kept in your car, boat or tackle box and is ready to use within minutes. Simply soak the bait until it has reached its natural texture (soaking time varies). The new Dynabait range includes bloodworm, octopus, cuttlefish, BiBi worms, mussels, grasshoppers, leeches and earthworms. These are real preserved baits and not plastic. Proven catch results: kob, spotted grunter, white steenbras, baardman, stumpnose, pompano, galjoen, blacktail, zebra, red roman, bronze bream and more. Purchase from your local tackle shop or simply order online.

For more information, contact Jean van Zyl of Pro Bait Importers and Distributors on 072 443 1593 or info@probait.co.za.