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This surface lure (length 9cm/weight 11.2g) is an old favourite of many estuary anglers. From the Cape all the way to Mozambique, it has accounted for, among others, garrick (leervis), springer (skipjack), sea pike, river roman, perch and all the kingfish species. The irresistible “wounded baitfish” action, enticing rattle and “head up” stationary position, make it one of the most versatile top-water lures around. There is also an array of colours to suit all conditions, from crystal clean (white, silver and clear) to chocolate brown (black, red and gold or olive). This lure can be used with varying retrieve, from the “full tilt in a walk-the-dog action” (for leeries, kingfish and skipjack) to the “slow-stop-start and float” retrieve (for perch, river roman and sea pike).

The Strike Pro range of lures is available from leading fishing tackle stores countrywide.

For more information, contact The KingFisher on 031 368 3903 or kingfish@iafrica.com.