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In late 2010, Jarmo Rapala, as part of the ownership group of First Cast, bought what remained of Bagley Baits and set his sights on re-energising the brand. As the former CEO of the worldwide Rapala Group, Jarmo knew that the company needed renewed manufacturing standards and a revival of the tradition of design innovation that was central to its past success. Today the company offers traditional, premium, superlight balsa and hand-selected hardwood baits with the craftsmanship, quality and artistry of classic handcrafted lures – paired with unmatched ferocity in design, finish and action that forces strikes and bends rods. Every Bagley bait is individually hand-tuned and water-tested. Bagley USA has signed Stealth Fishing South Africa as the exclusive Bagley agent for Africa. 

For further enquiries, call Stealth Fishing on 011 791 2635 or email gadams@stealth.co.za.