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The 2014 Jigstar Ninja Spin brings impeccable design, combined with the perfect blend of the best Toray high-performance graphite and resins from Japan, to a mid-priced, yet high-class range of advanced jigging rods. The Ninja family is designed for the beginner and intermediate jigger, and features Fuji PSS reel seats with the latest Fuji SiC guides, matched with custom components. The 2014 Ninja Spin blank is a brand-new design, stronger and more resilient, and is part-painted a metallic grey to differentiate it from the previous Jigstar rods. Particular attention has been given to eye-catching stealthy aesthetics and minimalistic build, resulting in the lightest and strongest Jigstar rods to date. Jigstar Ninja rods are packaged in a distinctive insulated embroidered rod bag for secure travel and storage.

There are three Ninja Spin rods in the range:

Ninja 52 SL (length, 5'2", line pe2-5, lure 100-300g)

Ninja 52 SML (length, 5'2", line pe3-6, lure 150-400g)

Ninja 52 SMH (length, 5'2", line pe4-8, lure 200-500g)

For more information or technical specs, contact Linda Lillis on 012 991 7300.