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This year’s SAFTAD trade show saw Halco launch its new weighted stick bait, the C-GAR. Weighing 40g, this lure can be fished both below and on the surface of the water. The C-GAR comes in 10 different colours and is already available in South African tackle stores. Said Tim Carter, marketing and product development manager at Halco Australia: “The South African market is extremely important to Halco. We have seen many of our major clients here at the show and the new C-GAR has been well received by all who have seen it. South Africa is blessed with many varied fishing opportunities, which will allow us to continue to develop our market here for many years to come. We also have a number of exciting new products on the drawing board, so just watch this space!”

For more information, contact Cobus van Biljon or Brandon Zeeman of C1-D2 Tackle Traders (Halco) on 013 744 0196.