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Stand at the top of the food chain with the brand-new WaveJet Pau Hana Big EZ Angler. Built to be the ultimate in SUP fishing, this board combines WaveJet technology with a platform stable enough to reel in the biggest catch. Equipped with a comfortable foam deck pad, the Big EZ Angler comes equipped with multiple anchor points to attach any assortment of coolers, bait trays, tackle boxes, nets and even a lean to seat for maximum comfort while fishing.
For more information, contact Gareth Williams of WaveJet Midrand on 082 885 5533 or email gareth@wavejetmidrand.co.za.




Mako’s new ET model is an 8-based large lens with a snug fit for great peripheral vision and is perfect for active fishing and trekking. Sporting Mako’s High Definition technology, the lens cuts out yellow- and orange-based light (which distorts vision), enabling you to have clear, crisp vision above and below the water. The ET copper mirror is a great fresh water and estuary lens. Available in both glass and polycarbonate lens options.
For more information, contact Lloyd Pereira of MustFish on 083 453 8335 or email lloyd@mustfish.co.za.


TUF-Line® Guide's Choice is a hollow, spliceable microfilament line. The hollow core design allows monofilament to be spliced into the braid for the strongest possible main line to leader connection. Guide's Choice is a must for top shotting monofilament into the braid. Simply insert the end of the monofilament approximately two feet into the braid and use floss to whip the area where the mono enters the braid. Use for making wind on leaders or as a backing for top shotting with monofilament. Use up to 30lb mono with 40lb braid, up to 50lb mono with 60lb braid, up to 100lb mono with 80lb braid and up to equivalent lb test mono with 130-, 150-, 200-, 300- and 500lb test braid.
For more information, contact Gareth Adams of Stealth Fly Rod (Pty) Ltd on 011 791 2635 or email gadams@stealth.co.za.




Anglers, don’t miss this opportunity to win an HDS-7 Touch unit worth R23 015 from Lowrance South Africa! Use your Insight Genesis app to create your very own personalised map to enter into our fabulous competition. Maps must cover waters that have not already been uploaded to the social map and should include as much information as possible. Go wild in your favourite spots, especially those in unknown territory. Mark as much as possible – including contours, drop-offs, structure and all the areas where the elusive fish like to hide.

At the end of each month (from November 2014 to January 2015), Lowrance will see which Insight Genesis user creates the most sonar logs. The person who gives the most information or maps the biggest area will receive an HDS-7 Touch as a prize. What a win!

Enter now by registering online at www.insightgenesischallenge.com.

Only data that is public and hasn't been uploaded before will be considered eligible (T&Cs apply).



Our vertical jigs are made of high quality lead with a stainless steel wire running right through. All the jigs are coated in a holographic shine, in a range of colours best for attracting fish. Our jigs range in size (8.5cm to 26cm), weight (40g to 230g) and shape (abyss, curved slider, flutter, curvaceous, leaf and others). We buy in bulk and direct to give our customers the best prices possible.

For more information, contact Big Catch on 021 511 1914 or email reception@bigcatch.co.za.






The new O’Shaughnessy bait hook by Mustad is the ultimate replacement hook for artificial lures and is a great hook for shore-based surf angling. The 9174 has Mustad’s Ultrapoint technology, making it extremely sharp with a durable point that won’t roll over. The short shank reduces hook tears as the hook swivels with the direction of pressure. The 9174 has a parallel point to shank, making the point very proud. The great additional feature that makes this hook so specialised is the bigger eye to accommodate the split ring on a lure or a toothpick when baiting up.
For more information, contact Lloyd Pereira of MustFish on 083 453 8335 or email lloyd@mustfish.co.za.




The Stripteaser is a revolutionary line of holographic teaser. The mylar strips are paired with holographic laminated images of lifelike baitfish. The holographic images reflect a tremendous amount of light. This flickering light attracts all types of pelagic species. Proven to be highly effective on tuna, white marlin, sailfish, dolphin, wahoo and all billfish. The streamer technology so closely imitates a school of baitfish that you'll have trouble telling the difference yourself!

For more information, contact Mark Heuer on 010 227 0254 or email mark@itsawayoflife.co.za.



Mako’s new Escape is already a top seller. The reinforced frames are strong and durable and the lenses are made of glass, giving you a higher scratch resistance then any polycarbonates. What makes these lenses so unique is the use of Mako’s new High Definition (HD) and Infrared (IR) technology. IR inhibits infrared light from the sun to increase eye protection and reduce eye fatigue in harsh conditions. It significantly reduces heat passing through the lens to stop dry, itchy eyes. The HD technology filters yellow light passing through the lens, which gives you unrivalled clarity as yellow light distorts vision.

Available in blue mirror black frame, blue mirror white frame, grey lens black frame and copper lens tortoise shell frame. Snug for intense activities…

For more information, contact Lloyd Pereira of MustFish on 083 453 8335 or email lloyd@mustfish.co.za.


Mustad’s new range of accessories has been developed to last. This MT008 7.5” plier is made from high quality stainless steel that has been coated with a corrosion-resistant, rainbow titanium finish. Features include replaceable tungsten carbide side cutters and a rubber coated non-slip grip. The tool includes a lanyard and durable rubber case. 
For more information, contact Lloyd Pereira of MustFish on 083 453 8335 or email lloyd@mustfish.co.za.


Add extra flash to your offshore trolling lures, spinner baits, jigs, flies, skirts and hooks with the Big Catch Glitter Skirt. They are available in two different sizes, with 10 different colours in each size. Each skirt has an adhesive strip for easy application added to the bridge. Made from the highest quality material in extremely bright and vivid colours, these skirts are a must-have for any fisherman’s tackle box.

For more information, contact Big Catch on 021 511 1914 or email reception@bigcatch.co.za;





Exciting news from Lowrance South Africa – the Ram U-bolt long arm mount has just come in. This ingenious new mounting device offers the easiest and quickest way to attach your Elite 3, 4 or 5 unit to your jet ski or boat. Simply bolt the device onto your jet ski handlebars or the console rail of your boat, attach your Elite unit to the movable base plate and you’re ready to go. Thanks to double rubber ball and socket technology, you can adjust the mounting in any direction for perfect viewing angles. An added benefit is that this mount dampens shock and vibration, which helps to extend the life of your device. This package includes hardware for tubing of 0.75" to 1.25" in diameter.
For more information, contact Lowrance South Africa on 031 368 6649 or your nearest dealer to find out more.



Penn’s biggest selling spinning reel globally, the Penn Spinfisher V series, has been innovated once again with the launch of a long cast version specific to South African rock and surf fishing, as well as carp fishing. As per the rest of the family, this reel boasts a full metal body and side plates. A techno-balanced rotor keeps precise gear alignment under heavy loads. Penn’s unique ‘Water Tight Design’ means if you are wading in the surf, you won’t get water inside the gearbox or drag system. The sealed HT-100 Slammer Drag System gives you a smooth, consistent drag under any pressure or length of time. This gives the Spinfisher V 7500 LC the biggest and smoothest drag out there. This reel boasts 36 inches per turn and an amazing 27.20 oz in weight, which is super light for this class of reel. The Spinfisher V comes with Penn’s line capacity rings on the spool, giving the angler confidence when fighting sharks or big fish off the side as it shows them when they have a full spool of line, 2/3rd down or 1/3rd down. So, if you are looking for a reel that will hold up to the vigorous South African rock and surf conditions, the Penn Spinfisher V 7500 LC is for you.
For more information, contact Pure Fishing on 0861 527 336.