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The Hokkaido Spin Marine is a superb saltwater spinning reel in which all the best features of the Alcedo expertise have been included. Body and rotors are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and are light and very strong.

The body is sealed (waterproof) and all the external parts
are saltwater-protected.

Its smooth and powerful gears, its compact size and its
light weight make this reel perfect for the saltwater
spinning technique.

The drag capacity on this reel is an amazing 15kg. 



fully waterproof body

oversized micrometric multi-disc front drag

computor-balanced rotor

aluminium/titanium double-anodised aluminium spool

7+1 stainless steel ball bearings – 3 sealed

gear ratio 4.9:1

line capacity 0.25mm/300m

For more information, contact Adrenalin on 021 982 1510.