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Big Catch has built a name with their terminal tackle. If there is anything that you could possibly need for fishing, Big Catch will have it; if they don’t have it, they will find it for you.

Big Catch stocks:

•cranes, ball bearings, boxes, power, 3-way, BL, heavy-duty, barrel and leaded swivels;

•USA- and Japanese-made fast, interlock, coastlock, duolock and
crosslock snaps;

• a range of sizes and makes of split rings, courses, tubing and heat shrink;

• a vast variety of types and sizes of sinkers and beads;

• a range of wires;

•aluminium, copper, double and single sleeves ranging from 0.60mm to 4.5mm in size; and

• a large variety in brands, makes and sizes of hooks.

For more information, contact Big Catch on 021 511 1914 or reception@bigcatch.co.za.