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Shô-Ken – a 3-piece in the next generation of the Stiletto design concept and a huge step forward in the technology of jointing surf rods.

With some designer’s magic and mandrel shaping, Excalibur has lost the old-fashioned bulky joints. The Shô-Ken has an effectively seamless joint that you really have to look for in order to find it; this has also almost eliminated ‘flat spots’.  The Shô-Ken also has all the razor-sharp performance benefits of the Stiletto, but with the ease of transport and security that comes with a 3-piece rod. Designed with four different carbon cloths, the finished rod weighs only 650g – just 30g more than the 1-piece rod, making it really light.

For more information, contact Jeri at Excalibur Tackle, Namibia on +264 (0) 811 286 496 or +264 (0) 64 501 959 (office) or Sue on sue@excalibur-tackle.com.