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Purglas holds the South African long-casting record. They have designed a new jigging rod for light, medium and heavy jigging. The light jigging rod is designed for lure sizes between 50 and 100, the medium jigging rod for lure sizes between 100 and 300 and the heavy jigging rod for lure sizes between 200 and 400. The actual weight of the rods ranges from 125g to 235g (excluding reel seats). These rods have been tested comprehensively and are now available to the public.

Purglas has always been the preferred rod for surf fishermen. The most popular of the extensive Purglas range is the 400/2 Executive Rod. Suitable for small and edible fish, this rod will not let you down when you hook a larger fish. Suitable for casting weights up to 7oz, the rod is designed to accommodate any angler and its ability for superior casting distances
is guaranteed.

For more information, contact Gys van Zyl on 016 971 4496.