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Compact, comprehensive and housed in a waterproof (IP56) case with perfect sunlight viewable 8.4” VGA polarised screen, the Furuno FCV-587 fish finder is a must-have. The FCV-587 possesses a specific bottom discrimination function that helps with instant recognition of the actual bottom form (such as rocks, gravel, mud etc). Furuno FCV-587 contains Furuno’s unique Accu-Fish ID routine which helps to identify individual fish with a size and mark function. There are hands-free adjustments for gain, STC and available output power through enhanced digital filtering. Furuno
FCV-587 contains all the usual alarms you would expect for bottom, fish, high, low and so on, and white line.

For more information, contact Charlane Thompson at Imtech Marine South Africa on 021 822 0999 or

0861 123 555.