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Ever lost an expensive chokka hammer in the sand? Robert Bauchop, acclaimed custom knife- and swordmaker, in collaboration with veteran angler Jason Wilkes, has designed a superior, handcrafted, limited edition bait knife incorporating a CMC-cut chokka hammer

in the handle. The knife is manufactured from tempered German 440c stainless steel, hollow-ground and with an ergonomically designed waterproof handle that incorporates a lanyard hole. It features
a line cutter and comes with an oiled, genuine leather sheath with

drainage holes.

The knife is expertly designed for any job the serious angler
needs to tackle, and custom handles and knives made specifically for left handers are
also available.

For more information or to place an order, contact Rob Bauchop
on 083 962 2620 or bauchop@telkomsa.net.