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The new 2013 JM Super Monster 13/0 Tuned Jigging Hooks are made of a hardened 420 alloy material and undergo a special heat treatment process that ensures increased strength and hardness.

The Super Monster 2013 features a new hand-sharpened super-sharp edged blade, extended long taper hook-point and an enlarged barb with a wider hook gape, providing better penetration and hook-set, and has excellent corrosion and rust resistance. There are three hooks per pack.

JM Super Monster 13/0 specifications

•   Alloy = 3.3mm

•   W   =  35mm

•   H    =  51mm

•   H1  =  33mm

•   H2  =  18mm

For more information, contact Linda Lillis on
012 991 7300 or linda@jigstarafrica.co.za