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Korda’s Carp’s Goo is a soak, a glug and a spod-mix additive, all rolled into one package. The cloud of attraction that comes off bait treated with Goo has to be seen to be believed, making the Goo revolutionary.

The feeding triggers and flavour combinations housed in the Goo have been carefully tweaked to provoke a strong feeding response in carp, wherever they are in the water column. The Goo was developed by Loutjie Louwies in South Africa, where it has been used to great effect for many years. Initially, the Goo was available in six variants: Pineapple Supreme Bait Smoke, Raspberry Plume Bait Smoke, Corn Twist Bait Smoke, Tutti Frutti Power Smoke, Perfect Peach Power Smoke and Pineapple Power Smoke.

Power Smokes are exactly that – powerful and session-changing.
A few casts with the Power Smokes in your spod or on your PVA bags will create the most unique cloud of smell, taste and colour, sending fish into a frenzy around the area of your bait hook.

The Bait Smokes are slightly softer in colour, but just as effective and ideal for use in almost every situation. They are so natural-smelling that their addition really can’t be overdone. Soak pellets, mix with water to dampen ground bait to add a unique edge, add Bait Smokes to PVA on their own or doubled up with Power Smokes, soak skinned tigers, glug boilies – the list of uses is long. The Goo is available from all top carp tackle stores in South Africa.

For more information, contact The KingFisher on 031 368 3903.