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In line with its catchphrase ‘Angling Solutions’ and assisted by a few valuable customer suggestions, DropSoc has recently spent some time at the innovation table and has expanded its range to include extra sizes in the existing range of fixed spool and multiplier covers, as well as completely new fly-reel covers, rod ties and a casting finger glove.

The addition of an XL fixed-spool cover encompasses the larger jigging and ground-bait fixed-spool reels and the addition of an SM multiplier cover provides for Diawa SL30SH and similar-sized multiplier reels.

The exciting new covers coming on board are fly-reel covers. These are of the same, sound, easy-to-use construction as the rest of DropSoc’s products and come in small, medium and large to fit the majority of fly-reels on the market. As with existing covers, they offer excellent protection to reels on the rod or in storage.

The rod ties make for rattle-free carrying of multiple rods, thereby prolonging rod life, and neat storage of assembled rods.
The smaller version also doubles nicely as a spool retainer and can also be used to secure those banging jigs whilst attached to rods in transit.

The wide use of braided line in casting applications and the need to protect those casting fingers has led to the uniquely designed, easy-to-use casting finger glove being introduced. This finger glove fits all sizes, is suitable for right and left-handers, and can easily be put on one-handed. It is
a must in any braid angler’s tackle box.

For more information, contact The Kingfisher on 031 368 3903 or kingfish@iafrica.com.