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The Jigstar Katana Nano is their premium specification jigging rod, featuring a Fuji PSS reel seat, Fuji MNSG guides and custom components to create
a modern, high-performance classic. The real benefit of this rod is in the blank, which features nanotechnology that dramatically improves its strength and resilience, while realising a weight saving of up to 30%.

The rod action is a medium-fast parabolic design, intended to easily jig in the Japanese style that is called ‘mechanical jigging’. The Katana Nano rod is for experienced jiggers seeking the best – the classical, sophisticated looks and the high-performance ‘feel’ of the Katana when jigging and fighting aggressive fish. These rods are very competitively priced amongst comparable performance rods on the international market.

For more information, contact Linda Lillis on 012 991 7300.