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Smith Optics has introduced a new lens technology that could be a para-digm changer. Called Chromapop, the premise is that where colour wavelengths cross (from blue to green, and green to red) the eye has trouble distinguishing color. Chromopop filters out that colour confusion specifically in those areas.

Also, these lenses do not utilise polarizing film – the treatment happens within the lens material (called Trivex). The Abbe value of Trivex (measure of clarity) is 45, while that of glass is 44, making Trivex as clear as glass and clearer than polycarbon. It is 10% lighter than polycarbon, and a whopping 75% lighter than optical glass.

Chromapop sunglasses are anti-reflective-coated and four times more scratch-resistant than plastic. With this combination, colours do pop more, offering value in sight-fishing scenarios where subtle motion and colour differentiations spell the difference between noticing what’s there, what’s not.

For more information, contact Gareth on 011 791 2635.