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Black Hole are one of the the world leaders in nanotechnology rod development. Kilsong (of JIGNPOP USA fame), together with NS in Korea, have designed and built a top-quality range of popping rods specifically to target monster bluefin tuna off the USA
East Coast.

These rods, known as the ‘Cape Cod Specials,’ have accounted for many huge bluefin tuna thanks to the additional 30% to 40% strength over conventional graphite blanks. Black Hole Cape Cod Specials have also performed flawlessly while targeting trophy GTs internationally and, come yellowfin tuna season in the Cape, we fully expect them to become firm favorites with anglers targeting 60kg to 100kg yellowfin tuna on
the surface.

Available in 7’6”, 8’0”, 8’6” models; for surf casting there is even a 10’6” model.

For more information, contact Linda Lillis on 012 991 7300.