Camp Carlos – Santa Maria

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Camp Carlos – Santa Maria

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Camp Carlos is situated on the bay side of Santa Maria Point. There are five safe moorings right in front of the camp and your boat is always in sight, about 70m away. There is no surf launch, no strenuous loading and off-loading every time you want to go fishing! No shore–dumpers, no loose sand to contend with, no risk of damage to your expensive equipment (boat, trailer, vehicle). No stress!

Santos, the Camp Manager and his assistant Jeremy will load your fishing equipment, refuel, clean and prepare your boat and bring it close to shore.  On your return, your boat will be moored, off-loaded, cleaned and prepared for the next fishing trip. The competent staff will prepare your catch to your specifications.  As your boat is on a mooring it is also possible to fish any time of the day, regardless of the tide.

We all know that in order to have a great fishing trip we need to keep the wife and kids happy! Camp Carlos offers the perfect family holiday. The pristine beach is right in front of the camp.  At high tide the water is about 5 metres away from the veranda and at low tide about 20 metres.  Especially with incoming tide, the water is crystal clear and ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

There is no need to pack and carry a gazebo and heavy cooler box to the beach. The refrigerator/kitchen is a few metres from the beach. You can choose to sit on the beach, shaded veranda or relax in a hammock.

There are several options of comfortably furnished self-catering accommodation.  A Wooden Cottage (sleeps 8), a Beach House (sleeps 8) and the Main Camp (sleeps 16). All rooms are air-conditioned. The rooms are either en-suite or two bedrooms per bathroom. All bathrooms have hot and cold running water. The camp offers the luxury of a laundry and an ice machine as well as lots of fridges and deep freezers.

There is 220V Eskom power and a brand new 40kVA standby generator. Camp Carlos is perfectly situated and a dream destination.

CAMP CARLOS is a must on any angler’s bucket list, whether it is tackle lure angling or slides and drifts. THIS IS A SPECIAL PLACE IN THE SUN TO HAVE  ANGLING FUN. If you are a keen fisherman and want a broad spectrum of species and enjoy different fishing techniques, this is the place to go! You need to book your stay at Camp Carlos, the wife will be thrilled, the kids are active all day and you have great fishing without the stress SANTA MARIA a place of adventure, beauty and intrigue.  As Des Morkel once told me, “Catching a fish is a bonus the rest is an adventure”.