Fishing from Ponta to Inhaca

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Fishing from Ponta to Inhaca

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This stretch of coastline starts just north of Kosi bay and is very similar to Zululand. 

Long sandy beaches with rocky points typify this section of the coast. It is dominated by the Maputo Elephant Reserve which stretches from just north of Ponta Mamoli up to Bella Roche. This reserve operates in a very similar way to Isimangaliso in South Africa. You are only allowed to catch pelagic fish between the lighthouse at Ponto do Ouro up to the point at Techobanine. From Techobanine through to Dobela is a no-go sanctuary that is monitored by parks officials and the turtle research scientists.

During the summer months turtles come and nest along the beaches and it’s not uncommon to see a good number of them coming out of the water in the evening to come and lay their eggs. Heading north from Dobela to Bella Roche is still part of the reserve and the parks officials will not let you keep or kill any bottom fish. The section from Bella Roche to Santa Maria has the same rules as the Ponta section.

Offshore fishing dominates proceedings along this section of the shoreline, but there is some outstanding rock and surf fishing available. Large inedibles such as blackfins, sandies and honeycombs are found all along this stretch, as well as plenty of kingfish species, stumpnose and a variety of reef dwellers like rockcod and speckled snappers. Bait is not always easy to come by once you are up there, so be sure to take chokka, sardines and prawns with you if you’d like to target fish from the shore. Live bait is, of course, the main way of getting attached to the bigger predators and a live wave garrick almost always results in a bite from a large GT or blackfin. 

From the boat, jet ski or kayak you will be very spoilt for choice as there are plenty of pelagics to choose from, including couta, kingfish, tuna, sailfish and marlin. It is important to note that some of the officials will fine you for jigging or having jigging equipment on the boat, so check with whoever is on duty before going out, as this rule changes from day to day and place to place. There are loads of reef structures along this coast and you will often encounter tuna and couta just beyond the backline. Summer and autumn are the best times to visit southern Mozambique as the warm current pushes close inshore, bringing the game fish with it.

There are lots of choices for accommodation in the southern stretch of this coast around Ponta, Malongane and Mamoli. But once you are in the reserve, camping becomes the main choice, with Milibangalala being the most popular. There are a number of private concessions with private homes and lodges in the north as you head up to the point at Santa Maria. At Hell’s Gate itself there are a few lodges as well as a lovely hotel on Inhaca Island