1 - Big Catch Fishing Tackle Suppliers have everything
JIGSTAR PREMIER PR BOBBIN - This is a variable-tension-control PR bobbin that
MAXIMA RED CHAMELEON LINE - MAXIMA Red Chameleon is a premium nylon monofilame
MAINLINE FLUOROCARBON - Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon fishing line is 4
1 - New Zealand rod and blank company, Composite Devel
1 - The all-new AKIOS MM3 TOURNO family of reels is th
ADRENALIN ALCEDO HOKKAIDO SPIN MARINE - The Hokkaido Spin Marine is a superb saltwater spi
SUNLINE USA SX1 SPINNING BRAID - Sunline USA SX1 spinning braid is strong and sensi
PETZL NAO (pronounced ‘now’) - Big Petzl is the market leader in head torches; th
SHIMANO BULL’S EYE XT - The new top-end Shimano Bull’s Eye XT surf s
OKUMA RAW II SALTWATER SPINNING REEL - More and more anglers are using heavy-duty spinnin

NEOPRENE FISHING GLOVE - This neoprene glove has open fingertips to allow f
BIG CATCH SNOEK GEAR - Big Catch carries one of the widest ranges of snoe
PELACUS SEA IRON LURES - Features rugged 316 marine-grade stainless stee
ADRENALIN 10FT DROPSHOT RODS - The new, improved Adrenalin 10ft dropshot rod is o
EXCALIBUR TACKLE – SHÔ-KEN - Shô-Ken – a 3-piece in the next genera
BAIT MASTER KNIFE - This is a great bait knife for your tackle box &nd
PURGLAS JIGGING ROD AND 400/2 EXECUTIVE ROD - Purglas holds the South African long-casting recor
ASSASSIN AMIA SHORE GAME ROD - Assassin Amia shore game rods are specifically des
TERMINAL TACKLE TEE - An angler’s technical tee, featuring a quick
FURUNO FCV 587 FISH FINDER - Compact, comprehensive and housed in a waterproof
BAUCHOP BAITMASTER - Ever lost an expensive chokka hammer in the sand?

SEA IRON SUPERSPRAT - Features •   rugged 316 marine-g
BAIT PRO - This is a great knife for keeping on your boat bec
MOMOI EXTRA ROCK AND SURF LINE - Momoi’s Extra shore-angling line is the best
GREYS TOOLS - The Greys tool range from International Hardy/Grey
EVAPORT OUTDOOR ICEKOOL 47L - Eveport Outdoor’s Icekool 47l cooler box wil
NEW AKIOS 757CS - The all-new AKIOS reel family is perfect if you re
MAXIMA BRAID HV – HIGH VISIBILTY BRAID - Maxima’s braid is manufactured with the
SUNCLOUD POLARIZED OPTICS - Suncloud Polarized Optics supply quality polarized
JIGGING MASTER MONSTER JIGGING PE BRAID - Jigging Master Monster Jigging PE Braid is a top q
JM SUPER MONSTER 13/0 TUNED JIGGING HOOKS - The new 2013 JM Super Monster 13/0 Tuned Jigging H
1 - Big Catch oilskins and waders are made of a combin
OCEAN HUNTER CASUAL APPAREL - Ocean Hunter casual apparel is a new and exciting

MAXIMA FLUOROCARBON - MAXIMA fluorocarbon  100% pure fluorocarbon
ADRENALIN ALCEDO PRIDE SPIN MARINE - This is a fantastic reel – light, compact an
PLANO HYDRO-FLO TACKLE BOXES - Plano has introduced a new tackle box range called
ASARI SALTY BLADE - Made with high quality stainless steel, this lure
BIG CATCH TERMINAL TACKLE - Big Catch has built a name with their terminal tac
HALCO FISH RING PLIERS - Millions of fishrings are assembled every year in
SALIGRA SLS07R PLIERS - The SALiGRA SLS07R pliers are multi-purpose alumin
NEO CHAMELEON - A versatile bottom- and surface-jigging metal spin
OREGON SCIENTIFIC ANYWHERE WEATHER KIT - You can retrieve weather data from anywhere in the
NEW MAKO GT SUNGLASSES - MAKO has brought a bit of style to the fishing are
GADGET SAVER® BAG - The Gadget Saver® bag is a bespoke multi-layer

NEW MAKO ESCAPE - MAKO’s new Escape range is equipped with the
1 - Big Catch vertical jigs are made of high-quality l
BERKLEY NANOFIL - Not a mono, not a braid, but the next generation o
DAIWA TRI-FORCE SURF ROD - In keeping with the current shad season, we look a
DAIWA AG6000 - The Daiwa AG6000 reel, selling for around R495, is
ADRENALIN FISHING LINE - The new ADRENALIN fishing line is finally availabl
EXCALIBUR TACKLE DOUBLE CENTURY HEAVY RODS - The Double Century Heavy was designed for the surf
MAXIMA FISHING LINES - Due to its revolutionary blend of high-grade co-po
GOSEN - GOSEN is a top-quality, genuine Japanese braid. In
1 - Aerospace technology has been utilised to produce

MAXSEA NAVIGATION APP FOR IPAD - Imtech Marine South Africa has just launched the M
KINGFISHER LANTERNS - The body of these 16 LED aluminium lanterns are co
KORDA KIANA CARP’S GOO - Korda’s Carp’s Goo is a soak, a glug a
HALCO SKIM STICK 185 - The all-new Skim Stick 185 is a totally unique and
COLLAPSIBLE BUCKET - Tripper’s collapsible bucket is manufactured
1 - At last, something we have been asking for fo
REEL SOCK - The Tripper Reel Sock is designed to protect your
NEW ELITE-5 HDI UNITS - Lowrance has just added a top-notch, affordable ne
ADRENALIN X-MASTER 40 BLACK - Adrenalin Fishing has just introduced the new Adre
THE KINGFISHER DROPSOC FULL RANGE - In line with its catchphrase ‘Angling Soluti

TRIPPER FISH BAG - The Tripper Fish Bag is designed to transport fish
JAPANESE DECOY INLINE SINGLE HOOKS - The technically advanced DECOY inline single hooks
JIGSTAR NINJA 2013 RANGE - The 2013 Jigstar Ninja range features impeccable d
JIGSTAR KATANA NANO - The Jigstar Katana Nano is their premium specifica
ASARI REX BUCKTAIL LURE - The Asari Rex comes with a custom-balanced head an
HOKKAIDO 3D SHAD LURES - Adrenalin Fishing is the sole agent in South Afric
ARK FISHALOT FT420 - For anglers, explorers, divers and sailors, the FI
SUNCLOUD POLARIZED OPTICS - Smith Optics has introduced a new lens technology
TRILENE MAX - Berkley, the world leaders in fishing line develop
CAPE CODS - Black Hole are one of the the world leaders in nan

TRIPPER LURE POUCH - The Tripper Lure Pouch is designed to carry lures
VAC-RAC - A quickly detachable vacuum-based rod rack designe
HALCO WHIPTAIL JIG 60G - Features length: 210mm weight: 60g hooks
MUSTAD DEMON CIRCLE HOOK - Mustad have brought out an extra-strong circle hoo
MUSTAD GRIP-PIN EXTREME - This hook was developed for bass fishing with soft
DAIWA LAGUNA SPINNING REEL - Daiwa have just launched their new Laguna 5Bi rang
KNOCK OUT JIGS - Knock Out Jigs are available in a variety of inter
DECOY HOOK - The popular Decoy saltwater game fish JS-1 range o
BLACK BART LURES - Black Bart manufactures the most productive and ad
ADRENALIN SURF ROD TUBES - Adrenalin Surf Rod Tubes Protect your surf rod
C-TUG® KAYAK TROLLEY BY RAILBLAZA - Durable, practical and lightweight, Railblaza&rsqu
ZEST JIGS - Zest Jigs, now in South Africa, are firm favourite
DAIWA LAGUNA RODS - Daiwa’s range of high-performance budget Lag
ADRENALIN XTREME LIMIT SURF RODS - Adrenalin Fishing has just introduced their new ra
MUSTAD BIG GUN - The Big Gun is a brilliant all-round hook for 
MUSTAD 9174 LURE-REPLACEMENT HOOK - The new hook by Mustad – the 9174 – i
THE HOOK-EZE - What if there was one tool that would not only sim
PENN SQUALL STAR DRAG - The Squall Star Drag is designed from a lightweigh
SÉBILE KOOLIE MINNOW - Koolie Minnow Long Lips are buoyant, deep-diving m

Great Stuff - This month’s scoop on the best technology an

Great Stuff. - This month’s scoop on the best technology an

Great Stuff.. - This month’s scoop on the best technology an

Tackle and Gear May -
Best technology and products on the market - This month’s scoop on the best technology an

Tackle and Gear June - 1.Prins plastic plugs Prins Plugs has devel

PRO-HUNTER PRO FISH GRIPPER - The Pro Fish Gripper is made from high-grade #6061
- LIKE MAGIC The Black Hole Magic Eye range of ul
RELEASE REELS: FIRST REEL’S A WINNER - Release Reels is a new company with a design philo
C-GAR: MAKE THE CONNECTION - The Halco C-Gar is a weighted stick bait designed
350 AND 400 EXECUTIVE SERIES: PURGLAS QUALITY - Purglas is building on the legacy of its Executive
CHROMAPOP POLARISED LENSES: TRUER COLOUR, FASTER - ChromaPop lenses maximise colour and contrast by i
BLACK HOLE MAGIC EYE 753S - FIRM FAVOURITE The Black Hole Magic Eye range o
MUSTAD POLARISED SUNGLASSES - Mustad’s new range of polarised sunglasses i
DYNABAIT: ALWAYS ON HAND - Dynabait offers anglers a unique opportunity to al
GIVE ’EM STICK: THE STRIKE PRO TAISTICK - This surface lure (length 9cm/weight 11.2g) is an
All colours of the rainbow - All colours of the rainbow

Lowrance’s Parking Trolley a really nifty device - Are you tired of risking a hernia every time you m
Bagley is back, in style - In late 2010, Jarmo Rapala, as part of the ownersh
Jigstar Ninja the art of stealth - The 2014 Jigstar Ninja Spin brings impeccable desi
New Halco C-GAR in 10 colours - This year’s SAFTAD trade show saw Halco laun
New polarised sunglasses from Barrier - Through years of interaction with many top fisherm
Spinfisher V for the avid surf fisherman - The advanced Spinfisher V Series of spinning reels
Fiiish Black Minnow great for bass - The Fiiish Black Minnow and new Crazy Sand Eel com
6”-long nose pliers a must - The durable stainless-steel construction of this r
Affordable colour fish-finder from Lowrance - Lowrance has some exciting new products on the car
Decoy - Decoy update: Decoy has extended its range to i
WAVEJET PAU HANA BIG EZ ANGLER - Stand at the top of the food chain with the brand-

Assassin Rob Knob - A great alternative to wearing a rod bucket,the As
Dip Dyna Trolling - The DIP Dyna Trolling is a new range of solid glas
Assasin Amia Shore Game R - Assassin Amia shore game rods, featuring the Micro
RSD Aug-Sep2015 editorial -   CLICK TO VIEW PDF
Mitchell Avocet Salt Reel - Mitchell Avocet Salt Reels are dedicated to saltwa
Allux Aluminium Pro Marine - The Allux Aluminium Pro Marine's ultra-light,
Halco Laser Pro 140DD - The new Halco Laser Pro 140DD is a perfect all-rou
Accurate DFS Slammer Jigging Reels - The Accurate DFS Slammer range of vertical jigging
Executioner Soi-Ring Hooks - Chemically sharpened hooks have exploded on to the
Maxima treazure - Maxima has introduced a break throughin technology
Mustad Fastach Clip - Mustad has launched a new low-profile quick-releas