Editor's September letter

Spring is officially upon us and, after a long lean winter here in KZN, I can only imagine how

our readers down in the Cape are looking forward to the warmer conditions. Once again, the

sardine run was a non-event – in fact, even more so than in previous years with only a small

number of sardines even being netted. Although some are attributing this to the decline in total

biomass, initial sightings in the Eastern Cape seemed to contradict this and by all reports there

were huge shoals just waiting to hit. One thing I did notice is that we had far more southwesterly

wind than normal; although these fronts move the sards, they also warm up the water. The coldwater

corridor that normally opens up along the coast in winter was there, but only for a brief time.

Has global warming contributed to this or is it just mother nature showing her control over us?

I, for one, will carefully put away all those polished spoons, full metal jackets and jig and drop traces

I have had for the last four years in anticipation of a bumper run next year.


This month we bring you a great species article by our regular contributor Craig Thomassen –

not really a commonly caught species, so all one has to do is see how many Craig has caught to

realise that he really is an expert in his field.


We introduce a new writer to our stable, Ismail Sonday; he is very well-known in the Cape Town

boating circles and kicks off this month with a two parter on ribs (rigid inflatable boats). With

emphasis on how to keep the wife happy as well, this is a must read for those wishing to purchase

one and get to spend more quality time on the water.


Last month’s bait review was really well received as Dean Dickinson started exploring our

different marine worm baits. They make great bait, but please remember that there are regulations

governing the use and capture of all natural bait and it is our responsibility as sports anglers to

adhere to these.


For all you techno anglers out there, Gareth George (the voice behind WildFly) has just launched

a new smartphone application on FishTube.TV – watch as we look at how it all works...


Please enjoy this month’s offering and remember: limit your catch, don’t catch your limit!

Always fishing

Dean Pretorius