Editor's Letter March

Editor’s letter

Our versatile reef necessitates versatile equipment and a vast knowledge

of the ocean and fish species that frequent each area and condition.
Rock, Surf & Deep is the source of know-how and also what ‘knot’ to do
in all aspects of fishing.

We have taken a conscious decision to be more conservation-active, thus we are going
to endeavour – as of April – to publish no pictures of dead fish in our publication, unless
it is to highlight poaching or exploitation of any resource. The days of trophy fish hanging from the gantry are fast going and we would like to be proactive in starting this trend.

For those who enjoy keeping a fish for personal consumption, please do not fret –
there is nothing wrong with keeping a fish for the pan; highlighting this, however,
may have some repercussions, especially with our younger anglers, because if we can
instill the catch-and-release ethic at an early age, they will carry this through the rest
of their lives.

We will also be concentrating on educational articles with an innovative edge to keep you ahead of the pack.

For any suggestions or comments, please feel free to mail me at my email address
below and remember: limit your catch, don’t catch your limit!


Always fishing

Dean Pretorius