Editors Note - April 2013

We have received a lot of comment on our new ‘green approach’ of only publishing live fish where possible – although it is only a small step towards instilling an ethic of catch-and-release, we feel that this may be a stepping stone for further progress in this regard. I have of late been consulting on many planned and proposed angling competitions and am of the firm belief that, somehow, we need to progress towards totally ‘non-consumptive’ angling competitions. With a proposed new bill regarding beach driving,we as anglers can ensure that we have a voice as long as we can show that we are serious about conservation. Hats off, then, to Dean Dickinson from RASSPL and the recent Durban fishing festival hosted by Wes Peens and Rudolph Scheepers for showing others that it can be done.

Offshore, it is obviously a little more difficult, but there are ways and means to make it work and, with the support and commitment of all anglers, I am confident that a solution can be found. In fact, a highly successful jet ski compo was held recently in Mozambique with a catch-and-release base. Food for thought? Well, yes, – I like to think of it as fishing for the future.

This month. we have a mixed bag of all the salty facets, with a smidgen of fresh water
to hopefully keep all entertained. Ismail Sonday ‘s well-received  first instalment on the yellowtail is followed up this month with another interesting look at this dogged fighter and we welcome back to RSD my good buddy Mark de la Hey with an account of his recent trip to Madagascar – one of the new frontiers in angling travel.

On a personal note, Abel’s article on breaking the 200kg mark really hit home, as
I have been oh, so close, so many times – breaking this magical barrier is still high on
my list of  ‘angling things to do’.

Please enjoy the read and remember to: limit your catch, don’t catch your limit!

Always fishing

Dean Pretorius