Editors Note - August 2013

Hi all and welcome to our August edition; this month, we celebrate women’s month with all our lady anglers. Over the past few years, I have noticed that more and more ladies – and girls, for that matter – are actively taking part in our sport. Manufacturers and retailers have taken heed and I see products appearing on the scene specifically made for the lady angler out there – this is great for the angling industry, and it has also created more fishing families.

Sharks are causing a huge debate among anglers, conservationists and divers, with all sides divided on both the stock status and the protection of these apex predators. The trend of more and more prize fish being lost to sharks is alarming and it seems there are huge congregations of these predators on many of the commonly-used fishing grounds. This clash of interests, so to speak, is a touchy subject and who better to approach this subject than the ‘angling gentleman’ Craig Thomassen. Craig is an angler and a conservationist and is well respected by all parties – his contribution makes interesting reading.

After receiving much response to the spinning article in our previous issue, we have commissioned Rob Kyle to do an in-depth series of shore game fishing, with the first in a three-part series appearing in this issue. Rob is one of the pioneers with these lures, so this is a must-read for those wanting to get started.

For our Cape readers, Ismail Sonday takes an in-depth look into tuna fishing off Cape Town. His articles are technical and informative, so read and learn.

Enjoy this diverse array of saltwater facets this month with a dash of fresh to spice it up, and please remember to: limit your catch, don’t catch your limit!


Always fishing

Dean Pretorius